How To Beat Bloonarius In BTD 6?

Here is a guide on beating the Bloonarius Boss in Bloons Tower Defence 6.

BTD 6 is a fun game of Monkeys VS Bloons where you defend with your Monkeys against the hordes of Bloons. This time Bloons have got their Big Guns out. They have brought in their Boss, Bloonarius. Bloonarius the Inflator is a Boss Bloon in BTD 6. It was the first Boss to be introduced and is the bulkiest one. It is mean & big, so how do we beat it? In this guide, I will show you how you can beat the Bloonarius Boss in BTD 6.

How to Beat the Bloonarius Boss in BTD 6

beat bloonarius boss btd6

Like I have mentioned before, Bloonarius is the bulkiest Boss in BTD 6. To beat it, you will need good single-targeting Towers. But those won’t be enough. On the Bloonarius Boss’s health, there are Skulls. Whenever its health drops to any of the Skulls, it will spawn a rush of Bloons in large numbers of various types. Also, for every 1% of its health lost it will spawn Bloons in large numbers of various types. It is slow like 5% of the Speed of a Red Bloon for the first 3 Tiers & 6% of the Speed of a Red Bloon for the 4th & 5th Tiers. The general strat you should keep in mind is to farm as much as you can.

Here is what you should be doing. Bloonarius will spawn on Rounds 40, 60, 80, 100, & 120. Before it gets to Round 40, you must save up and have 6 Marketplaces & 4 MOAB Maulers at the least. You can get a Ninja & a Recursive Cluster Bomb Tower to deal with Camo & the children of the Boss. The goal here is to use the least number of Towers to beat the Boss. Your end goal is to get either a Vengeful True Sun God Temple, a M.A.D., Legend of the Knight, Avatar of Wrath, & Paragons by the third Tier of Bloonarius, at least a combination of the mentioned.

All the mentioned Towers, aside from the Paragons, should be Buffed by Alchemists & Overclock Engineers. If you are not buying Towers for the offense, make sure to buy Farms. Money is your need having enough of it will help you beat the Bloonarius Boss in BTD 6. For Heroes, I would recommend using Benjamin as he will help you get more money.

This was all about beating the Bloonarius Boss in BTD 6. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like How To Beat Gravelord Lych in BTD 6.