How To Break Enemy Guard In Final Fantasy 16

All your attacks are ineffective when the enemy is guarding. So check out how you can break the guard and knock down the opponent easily.

In FF16, players must learn to break the enemy guard or else they won’t be able to win the battle. That’s because this guard will deflect all your frontal attacks and the opponent will deal no damage. On a good note, not all enemies in the game can do this Special action. And those who can do it can be taken care of easily. So let’s not wait any further and see how you can break the guard of the enemies easily in Final Fantasy 16.

How Can I Break Enemy Guard in FF16?

Best way to Break Enemy Guard in FF16
Source Image: DevilNeverCry

To break enemy guard in FF16, you can always attack from behind or use your abilities. The easy and best method is to simply use one of your abilities. Such as Burning Blade, Charged Magic, Lunge, and more. However, while doing that you need to make sure which is the safer option. As Burning Blade is a close-range ability and should be avoided if the enemy is good at close combat. So in this case using ranged abilities like Charged Magic will surely come in handy. Similarly, using the Eikonic abilities can also be a good method to break the enemy’s guard stance easily.

If you haven’t unlocked any powerful abilities yet, then we would recommend you use the standard method. That is to strike the enemy from behind. However, it will not be that easy to get behind the opponent but you can always try to distract them and then make your move. The best way to distract the opponent is by using the help of a companion like Torgal, the Hound. However, performing this kind of move will not be that easy and will require some practice.

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That covers all about how you can break the enemy guard in FF16. If you haven’t unlocked the Ultima Weapon then check out how you can do it. Also, don’t forget to look at the list of Weapons you can unlock in Final Fantasy 16.