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How to get the climbing gear armor set in Breath of the Wild

Here's how to find climbing gear, Climbing boots and climber's Bandana in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

We all know how challenging is to climb the larger mountains in Hyrule, especially when you just started the game and yet to upgrade your stamina. You must know that stamina is not the only thing that hold you back in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild.  The climbing gear speed up your climbing in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and once you have found the whole set of climbing gear in BoTW, you will wonder how you survived without it.

Before we delve in how to get climbing gear in BoTW, you should know that what climbing gear is? Yes, it is nothing but a part of the Climbing set, including the Climbing Boots and Climber’s Bandana. Once you have got the Climbing gear set in BoTW, you will be a mountaineering superstar. How To Find And Fight Lynels In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild


It is necessary to find climbing gear in BoTW if you are considering to tackle the Super Gut Check Challenge, which is surely the best way to earn money in the game. .

How far you can climb in totally depend on the your stamina and it can be increased in the same way as you do increase your health – every time you gather four spirit orbs from shrines you can spend them on another stamina vessel, and each vessel puts you one fifth closer to having another complete bar of stamina to spend. How To Kill (Beat) A Lynel In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Increasing stamina in BoTW might take time and sometimes it can be frustrating for you as well. We would recommend you investing Stamina over the health at the beginning of the game, since a few extra hearts aren’t going to save you from Hyrule’s most deadly monsters all that well.


How to get climbing gear in BoTW

First of all, head towards Muwo Jeem Shrine located at the south east egde of the above map. Find Island to your north east and glide out there to get Chaas Qeta Shrine, which is one of the Major Tests of Strength, so put on your best gear and beat the Guardian to unlock the door. There you get the Climbing Gear in the chest inside.


Once you are back outside, you will see a Korok Seed for the taking – just grab the Korok Leaf next to the tree, jump onto the tree stump with the leaf symbol on it, then use the Korok Leaf to sail over to the next island.

Each piece of the Armor is found in a different Shrine across Hyrule. Making it easier for you, we have brought you the best way to track down each Shrine and get the climbing gear set in BTW.

Climber’s Bandana Location in BTW


You can find Climber’s Bandana in the Ree Dahee Shrine, which is located adjacent to the river that passes through the Duelling peaks, go inside the duelling peaks. Notably, this shrine has pressure plates which you will have to bear, then carefully time stepping off, to get the orbs into the receptacles.

Once you have done that for the second time, use Magnesis to place one of the barrels on the last pressure plate, creating a walkway up to the chest where you’ll find the Climbing Bandanna.

Climbing Boots Location in BTW

Botw climbing gear guide

Lately, the last but important part of the set in the BTW is the climbing boots and you can find them in the Tahno O’ah Shrine. If you do not know how to find climbing boots location, do not worry, you just have to head to this point on Lanaryu Mountain and use a bomb on the rocks to disclose Tahno O’ah Shrine. There’s no challenge here – just open the chest to get the boots.

This is found on the eastern corner of Mount Lanayru, again on the eastern side of the map, this time closer to the middle. It is said to be a good place to begin is the Hateno Research Lab, then head to the north-east.