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How to find and fight Lynels in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Here are the easiest way to beat Lynels in Breath of the Wild and farming locations

BoTW Lynel Locations: You must know that what Lynel is and where to find it in the Breath of the Wild? If you do not know then there is nothing to wonder, in this article, we will talk about everything from what Lynel is and how to find BoTW lynel location in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

For the unversed, Lynels are considered the toughest rivals in Breath of the Wild, but what makes them valuable is that they drop parts that are essential to upgrade several Barbarian armor set. How to beat Lynel in Zelda


Notably, Barbarian armor set needs plenty of Lynel parts and you require them to even upgrade to one star version. Soldier’s Armor and Radiant set also require some parts for the four star upgrade. If you are looking for Lynel Hoof, Guts or Horn, you have come to the right place. In BoTW lynel location guide, we will reveal several locations that Lynel frequent as well as some tips on how to defeat them.

Zelda Botw Lynel Map locations

Lynel locations in Zelda are spread throughout the Hyrule. We have found several locations in Zelda where you can more as well. The Lynel map we have mentioned below also have a marking helping you to fight them.  Before we delve into more about lynel locations, you should know that there are three falavours of the mini boss like Red, Blue and Silver located in the Zelda.


Among these three mini boss, Silver might be considered the toughest but they drop the best weapons and shields. We have found three Silver mini boss in the snowy region north of Hebra tower, just west of the Qaza Tokki maze. You can also see the two red mini boss roaming the canyon southwest of the Lake Tower. Besides these red and silver mini bosses, you can also find a lot on the map below.

botw Farming location

Gold Lynel Locations


Speaking about the Gold lynel map locations, it was introduced in the first Zelda BoTW DLC – The Master Trials. Notably, these Gold Lynel location can also be found in new hard difficult mode named Master Mode.

Before you make your mind to kill a golden lynel, you must know that your task is not as easy as you think. It is to be noted that there are certain parameters which needs to be fulfilled to get to see Gold lynel locations in Zelda. If you do not know what condition or parameters are, then check out our guide Gold Lynel Locations in Master Mode.

How to fight Lynel?


All Lynels in Zelda have same kind of attacks. They have an AOE fire attack you will recognize because of it doing a roar first (run away from it). They charge you and swing a weapon (backflip dodge this). They charge without their weapons (hold your shield up to not get damage, or just move out of the way). At 50% and 10% health they do a roar fire AOE so watch out for that.

You need to have skills of backflip. Yes, you are required to backflip as soon as the Lynel makes his weapon attack. If you time it just right, you will get a time slowdown and a chance to do a flurry attack. That’s how you can defeat these enemies in Zelda.

You must avoid all their other attacks and get prepared for their weapons swings that you can backflip out helping you to do a counter attack. You will probably go through a lot of weapons when fighting silver mane ones, while red can be killed with one or two weapons.

The easiest way to beat a Lynel

  • Use Stasis+
  • Shoot an arrow into the Lynel’s head, which should stun it once Stasis wears off.
  • Sprint up to the Lynel and mount it (by pressing A), then attack until you get bucked off.
  • Repeat

Notably, Stasis+ would last as long as you are expecting. It gives you more than enough time to aim your bow. Once you gain the momentum, you must be able to take down a white-maned Lynel without needing to use any healing items.


Avoiding Lynels that have two handles clubs are highly recommended. They usually attack with their two hander and have a very few swinging attacks triggering backflip/flurry attack opportunities.

Using an incessant arrow, you can easily and instantly kill a Lynel but they do not drop  any parts or weapons this way and you lose a very valuable weapon for nothing. If you did not understand how to kill lynel in Zelda, you must watch this video.