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How To Kill (Beat) a Lynel in Zelda: Breath of The Wild

Here's how to get prepared and defeat Lynel in Zelda: Breath of The Wild

After mentioning BoTW Lynel locations in the previous guide, we have come up with another guide explaining you how to defeat a Lynel in Zelda. Before we delve deeper into how to beat Lynel in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you will have to be very active and get prepared before you decide to fight with Lynel. Their move set is varied including physical strikes, archery, and magic.

Get Prepared to Defeat Lynel


How to Defeat Lynel

Be sure to have a lot of health items (Hint: Cook any fruit + big hearty radish for max heart restoration plus multiple temporary hearts), fairies, and defense or attack elixirs.  Yes, Lynel in Zelda have potential to cause tremendous amount of damage to you.

In order to be saved or reduce Lynel’s attack damage, You will have to get max upgraded armor (★★★★) or max upgraded jewelry (eg. Amber Earrings). In order to get them, you need to get unlocked all four Great Fairy Fountains.


Get Close to Lynel

How to Defeat Lynel

When you get closure to Lynel, it will have a heavy swing, a cross slash, or jump back and runs towards you. What all you can do is to stop him to use your Stasis rune as she charges to land a few good strikes (this doesn’t last long, so be quick). Now, wait until it runs past you and then attack it from from behind so when it reanimates, you aren’t in the way of its weapon.


Notably, staying close to Lynel and mastering Perfect Parry is key Lynel Combat. Undoubtedly, using shield and one handed weapon is the safest combination which you must use against a Lynel.

If you managed to execute a Perfect Perry, you will be able to open up the Lynel’s defense and can cause huge damage to him. The process might take a little bit time but it is worth.

Note: While using a shield, you should use a single -handed sword. Using The Master Sword is highly recommended.


If you create distance between you and Lynel it may give him invitation to showcase its archery skills and you’d better believe they are pinpoint accurate. We would recommend you not to challenge him from a distance.

Be smart while fighting with Lynel

If you are expert and feels confident with a bow, hitting in the head of Lynel with stun it.  Using a bow that fires multiple arrows simultaneously makes this a tad easier. Using Ice Arrows or stasis will freeze the Lynel temporarily. If you get close enough, you mount it and cause additional damage!

During the fight, the Lynel may trigger some fire magic that will either send three fire blasts your way or create an explosion. So be safe and maintain some distance while fighting. If there is a natural obstruction (i.e. a rock), put it between you and the Lynel during these fire attacks, if you can.

How to Defeat Lynel

If the grass catches fire, it will creates an updraft that you can use by jumping into it and pressing x to active your paraglider. You can then use Y to nock an arrow and launch an airborne assault (aim for its head)!

When the lynel is defeated or killed, it drops its weapons and some body parts that are needed for armor upgrades. Lynel weapons are powerful and durable, so you will surely want to try them out!

More Tips to Beat Lynel

  • In order to identify which color the Lynel is, you can use the Camera rune before you get close to it.
  • Backflip dodging the Lynel’s swipe attack will trigger a Flurry Rush.
  • If the Lynel is charging without its weapon drawn, what best you can do is to use your shield (hold ZL), and it will back off – buying you more time for your Stasis to recharge.
  • An alternative to the shield counter is timing a sidestep correctly, which will trigger a Flurry Rush.
  • When the Lynel starts charging its stomp attack (while stationary), sprint out of the area of effect, or shoot arrows in its head to stun it.

That’s all you must know to beat Lynel in Zelda.