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3 Tricks to Identify Real Mirage From Decoys in Apex Legends

Finding the actual Mirage among holograms is tricky in Apex Legends. But there is an method to know which one Mirage is real and which is a hologram

No doubt, Mirage is the best trickster in Apex Legends. His Tactical Ultimate Ability Psyche Out is the real pain when you fail to identify real Mirage among his holographic decoys. Mirage’s decoy remains active for 60 seconds, you can control its movement. This single ability makes Mirage a very strong agent in Apex Legends. So is there a way to cancel it, or identify the real Mirage among the decoys?

Yes, there is, I am sharing three tricks to identify the real Mirage in Apex Legends when he uses his Psyche out ability. A hologram of Mirage running around is a trap, if you shoot your are exposed. Your position is revealed to the player playing as Mirage.

How to spot real Mirage from fake decoys?

The decoys behave differently compared to the real player. Sometimes they are dumb and keep running in one single direction. Do not get fooled by this move. The only objective of Mirage’s hologram ability is to reveal a player’s position. That’s it, whoever is playing is Mirage will never reveal himself on the grounds. So remember these three points to spot real mirage among the decoys in Apex Legends.

  1. Decoys do not make footsteps sound, and mud splatter from real one’s footsteps.
  2. Decoys run around randomly is any direction
  3. Decoys have a different weapon than the original player

Most of the time the Mirage’s decoy will use the default weapon skin. If you find multiple Mirage’s running around look the weapon. A lot of players are using custom skins and the decoy is not able to replicate that. Real Mirage footsteps are louder, and being a hologram it just keeps running around. Unless the decoy is controlled by the player it will keep running in one direction.

Never shoot Mirage’s decoy, it will reveal your location. If you did attack the hologram change your position instantly. Give a good look around the corners of the area to spot the real Mirage, who will be hiding. A lot of players are over-confident with this ability. So they deploy the decoy first and stay behind watching others reveal themselves. Decoys are specially used in between fights, or while the original Mirage is down and waiting for revival.

Focus on learning Mirage’s decoys movement that is the key to find the real Mirage in Apex Legends. Clones are mostly silent, so it won’t be that tough to remember. With these simple tricks, you can deal with Mirage’s decoy ability in Apex Legends and identify real Mirage among the fake ones.