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How To Beat Evil Lilith Boss In Borderlands 3 (Boss Guide)

Here is how to beat the Borderlands 3 Evil Lilith Boss. Check out all the tips to defeat her in this boss guide.

In Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck DLC of Borderlands 3, you will encounter the Evil Lilith Boss. She is quite the formidable enemy since she is fast and has some deadly attacks. Wondering how to defeat her? Don’t worry, we will explain how to do it in this Evil Lilith Boss Guide.


Borderlands 3 Evil Lilith Boss Guide – How to Beat

Before heading into how to defeat her, let’s look at all the attacks she is capable of. Then, we will tell you how to counter those attacks.


First and foremost, she has the ability to teleport. This is one of her primary skills where she will vanish and reappear in a different place during the battle. Then, she will do a ground slam which is her AoE attack. With the ground slam, you will see some orbs that move outwards in all directions. Why is the teleporting attack dangerous? Well, she can teleport right next to you, on top of you or behind you, making you susceptible to immediate attack.
How to Counter: Try to stay away from her which will give you enough distance to keep shooting at her. When she performs her ground slam, make sure to jump over the shockwaves. Those orbs coming at you need to be dodged quickly (it is easy to do so).

Projectile attack

As the name suggests, she sends projectiles towards you which will deal damage.


How to Counter: Keep shooting at her while she is summoning the projectiles and move away fast to avoid splash damage.

Dash attack

Lilith will dash towards you and leave a fire trail behind her. So if you walk into the trails, you will get contact damage too.

How to Counter: Maintain a good distance from her which will help you dodge her dash attack but most importantly, the fire trails will be away from you.

Immunity Phase of Evil Lilith Boss


When her HP goes down to 50%, the second part of the boss battle will begin where she becomes immune. She will spawn a few big orbs so instead of shooting at her (which will waste your ammo), you can back off and keep some distance while you regenerate your health. If you get too near, the orbs will burst. But interestingly, the orbs are also a revival tool. So if you get knocked down, you can use an orb or two to revive yourself by shooting at them.

By following all of the above tricks, you can lower her HP and then she will be defeated. After you beat the Evil Lilith boss, you can collect the legendary loot that she will drop. This is everything you need to know about how to beat Evil Lilith Boss In Borderlands 3. Don’t miss our other boss battle guides on how to beat Dr Benedict, The Psychoreaver and Spongeboss Bulletpants bosses. Also find out how to unlock Vaulthalla Secret Room and Who is Krieg in Fantastic Fustercluck DLC.