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Who Is Krieg In Borderlands 3: Fantastic Fustercluck?

Get to know everything about Krieg.

The Borderlands 3 is now out with a new DLC named Fantastic Fustercluck. The DLC brings in the character of Psycho Krieg. It takes place in Krieg’s mind. Players who have been following the game from a long might know, but the newbies are not sure of who is Krieg. We are here to answer this question. This guide will help you understand who is Krieg and how he turned Psycho.


Borderlands 3: Fantastic Fustercluck – Who is Krieg?

Krieg is a playable character from Borderlands 2 who was introduced in the game in 2013 and has continued to play his role in Borderlands 3 as well. The trailer reveals that Krieg was a nice personality when he first came to Pandora. He used to gather loot and travel across planets in search of vaults. What turned him into a Psycho was the violence around him.

It cannot be said that he is a complete psycho as his inner-voice gives him guidance to stick to the path of a good fellow. He kills people in his Psycho avatar but only the ones who deserve punishment. His inner-voice stops him from killing and looting the innocent.

Krieg then met Maya who treated him as a psycho, but he proved himself worthy by killing some enemies. If you want to know him more closely, playing the new Fantastic Fustercluck DLC is the best to do. The DLC itself takes place in his mind and hence allows players to get to know him more. If you don’t know how to start the new Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck DLC in Borderlands 3, you can read or guide on how to do so.

That’s what we know about Krieg and it is pretty much everything that you should care of as of now. Once you start playing the new DLC in his mind, you will surely explore much about him.