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Borderlands 3 Boss Fight Guide – Tips on How to Beat Spongeboss Bulletpants Boss?

If you are struggling to find the Spongeboss in Borderlands 3 then read this guide. Check out where to find the boss and how to beat him down?

Spongeboss Bulletpants Boss is well hidden in Borderlands 3. Defeating is a task but the most important thing is to find this boss. In one of the objectives, you will have to find and defeat him. To save your time I am going to share details on how to first find bulletpants in Borderlands 3 and then what are the things you must remember to defeat the boss. Do not forget to read what exotic rewards you can earn after winning this boss fight.


Where is Spongeboss Bulletpants Boss?

You will unlock the objective to fight the boss Spongeboss Bulletpants during the second mission in Borderlands 3. Break the date of Castle Crimson using three catapults. The boss is hiding in the pineapple-shaped house. The house is on the right side, just before the third catapult.

This is Spongeboss Bulletpants House, and obviously, the boss will be inside waiting for you. The next task is to beat down this boss. For this read the tips below.

How to beat Spongeboss Bulletpants Boss?

You will need a lot of good weapons to kill the boss. It is right to stay that Spongeboss Bulletpants is a kind of toughest boss in Borderlands 3. So be prepared before you enter the house. There are multiple waves of the boss fight, it won’t end easily. After defeating the boss at every wave it will evolve and rise up with a higher level power.

With a massive health bar, Spongeboss Bulletpants is going to take a lot of time. The boss carries a weapon called Bubble Blaster. He can shoot bubbles that emit radiation. It is a highly lethal attack, can put you down in few shots. You will have to keep defeating the boss until you finally kill Spongeboss Bulletpants.


This is where the last wave begins, the boss will transform into Spongeboss NoChance. Do not worry he won’t be as stronger as before, but you can take him down faster. If you want more loot then you have to wait and level this boss up to Godly Spongeboss Bulletpants.

To level up Spongeboss Bulletpants lure him towards the spider ants. Just shoot him and make the boss follow you. In this way, the boss can level up and you can increase your chances of getting a much higher quality of loot. The first level unlocks with a helmet. Shoot the helmet and he will transform to Spongeboss NoChance. The next level is Super Spongeboss NoChance, then comes Mega Spongeboss NoChance, then Ultimate Spongeboss NoChance, and finally the last one Godly Spongeboss NoChance. Each level requires an amount of kill.

  1. Super Spongeboss NoChance – 1 Kill.
  2. Mega Spongeboss NoChance – 2 Kills.
  3. Ultimate Spongeboss NoChance – 3 Kills.
  4. Godly Spongeboss NoChance – 4 Kills.

Spongeboss Bulletpants Boss Loot

After killing Spongeboss Bulletpants you will earn the following loots. But this is not a static loot it can change and you can unlock some more exotic rewards.


  • Hedgehog Faulty Star
  • Unwavering Faulty Star
  • Unlimited Deadshot
  • P.A.T Mk III

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