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How to Unlock Vaulthalla Secret Room in Borderlands 3?

Vaulthalla Secret Room in Borderlands 3 has multiple rooms where you can find some cool rewards. Want to know more?

Borderlands 3 Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck unlocked some amazing content and rewards. There are new missions, boss fights, and a lot more to explore. I will share with you all the details on how to open Vaulthalla Secret Room and what you will find inside the rooms. The first task is to find the rooms. One is clear Borderlands 3 Vaulthalla Secret Room has a lot of treasures, so it is something you must not miss.


How to open Vaulthalla Secret Room in Borderlands 3?

Vaulthalla is filled with rewards, but there is a second secret room attached. If you failed to find this you cannot double your rewards. Vaulthalla appears at the very end of Borderlands 3 Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck DLC. You will have to complete all the missions, deal with all bosses, to reach the conclusion point of the DLC.

Secret Treasure Room:

When you are in the first room look for switches on the roof. Just follow the archways and it will be visible. Shoot the switch as it flashes green. Keep doing this until you are shot three switches in the first room. Follow archways for the locations, keep looking up. Cross the portal to enter Lesionhall. There are three more switches here.

Fight Psychoreaver Boss:

One switch is on the wall on the front, the second is on the floor on right and the final one is on the wall behind. Exit Lesionhall and fight Psychoreaver. Defeat the enemy and then you will find three more switches in this room. Psychoreaver is a slow boss, you can defeat him easily. There will be two waves of attacks, dodge it, and hit the head of this boss.


Another Secret Treasure Room:

A portal will appear after Psychoreaver dies. This portal will take you to the Treasure Room in Borderlands 3. There is a timer in the front, it will start ticking as you enter this room. You will have not more than 60 seconds to open all the chests in the room. If you go slow all chest will disappear. Avoid shooting the switches here, unlock all the chest to grab max loot.

Finally, when you are done, look for three switches in the Treasure Room. The first is below the floor break it to access it. The second is on the left side and the last one is on the wall opposite the shield. Shoot all three switches and you will be able to enter a new treasure room. This time there won’t be any timer so do not fail to unlock all the chests.

Hidden Secret Treasure Room:

We are not done here, there is one more secret room. But to unlock this you will have to find and shoot around 12 yellow switches. 6 switches are located in the wall on front and another 6 are on the wall behind you. The number is big and the switches are small. You will have to check all the corners to find each one of them.


It is going to take time, but after shooting all the switches you will find the final hidden secret treasure room in Borderlands 3. There is no timer, grab all the loots from Vaulthalla Secret Room. As you can see only two primary requirements, a single boss fight and shooting down multiple switches will give you access to multiple treasure rooms.