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How To Easily Beat The The Psychoreaver in Borderlands 3

The Psychoreaver in Borderlands 3 is the final boss fight. If you want to defeat They Psychoreaver in Borderlands 3, use our tips and win

The Psychoreaver in Borderlands 3: Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck is the final boss fight that you have to beat in order to beat the DLC. While this boss fight is huge, we can guarantee you that with our tips and tricks you’ll get it done easily.


How To Beat The The Psychoreaver in Borderlands 3

The battle takes place in an arena for your fight against the Psychoreaver in Borderlands 3, use this space to dodge out of attacks and do not stay stuck to one place.

The Psychoreaver will chase you around and will keep swinging his weapon at you, just make sure that you create some distance and then shoot the boss with as many bullets as possible.

Use as many different types of guns as you can and keep firing at the Psychoreaver as much as possible, this will help to drain his health bar quicker.

When you see The Psychoreaver jump into the air, use one of the jump pads to quickly position yourself on a platform as when he lands, he will send electrical shock all over the floor.

Your main strategy in this fight is to create space for yourself and keep steady firepower streaming on The Psychoreaver. You will have to keep changing your position every time you see the boss powering up an attack.


The Psychoreaver will pull out a lightning spear and lightning ball, use different platforms to avoid the attack, or use the floor to make the Psychoreaver miss.

After you have depleted half HP of The Psychoreaver, he will suddenly disappear for a while, use this time to heal up and get ready for round 2.

This time around, The Psychoreaver will be too big to even get in the arena, keep shooting at him from a distance, and dodge the mace attacks when he tries to attack you. Here once again, dodging will prove to be beneficial to you, and with enough shots aimed at him, you should be able to take him down easily and that’s how you defeat They Psychoreaver in Borderlands 3.

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