How To Do A Boost Start Easily In Kandagawa Jet Girls

Facing issue to get a good start in Kandagawa Jet Girls? Then check this guide on how to speed up your progress.

A boost start in Kandagawa Jet Girls lets you start off your race with some momentum going on and will help you win the race easily. If you’re having issues with getting a good start or are lagging behind, make sure to check out our guide on how to do a boost start in Kandagawa Jet Girls.

How To Do A Boost Start In Kandagawa Jet Girls

Kandagawa Jet Girls isn’t even that difficult but we’re not here to judge those who need that extra bit of help. The races in the game are sometimes quite challenging and fun to compete in.

If you’re having some trouble finding the perfect starting point to dictate the rest of your race or just are looking forward to getting a boost right at the beginning this guide will help you to get that.

All you have to do is press R2 on the PS4 controller and RT on the Xbox One controller when the timer countdowns to 2.Make sure to get the timing just right and it will give you a boost as you’ve never experienced in the game before.

Although you might need a bit of practice to pull this off, it isn’t that difficult to do. All you need to focus is on your timing and hit the accelerator right when the clock is down to 2.

Make sure to make this a habit in all of your races in Kandagawa Jet Girls, and soon enough you will be racing through the starting line with no interruptions whatsoever.

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