Grounded Black Ant Hill Location

Check out our guide to find out the location of Black Ant Hill in Grounded.

With the recent update of the Hot and Hazy, things are looking pretty bright for Grounded. It is a first and third-person cooperative videogame by Obsidian Entertainment. As you progress with this game, you will encounter a plethora of biomes to get plenty of riches. One of these biomes includes the Black Ant Hill biome which can reward you with several unique resources. But several players are confused about finding their entrances. So, check out our guide on where is Black Ant Hill in Grounded.

Where is the Black Ant Hill in Grounded (Location)

You can find it to the extreme southwest of the Backyard. There are two entrances to the Black Ant Hill biome. These entrances are located inside the Trash Heap and the Sandbox biome. Let’s look into getting through these entrances in more detail.


You can find this biome located to the lower west of the Backyard. But getting into this location is extremely risky as it has the most dangerous creatures. On top of that, there are several debuffs and the Sizzle effect. Speaking of the latter, this effect is more effective the longer you stand in the sunlight. It is indicated by the meter above you that slows you down as it fills and damages you. To avoid this debuff, you can eat Quesadillantion which gives you Sizzle protection. Alternatively, you can also get inside the Sandbox during nighttime. You can either zipline your way from the Picnic table or through the building inside the Sandbox to find the Black Ant Hill. If you are having trouble getting inside the Sandbox, check out our guide on how to get into the Sandbox for more insight.

grounded black ant hill location

Trash Heap

This biome is located behind the Sandbox biome. You require a Gas Mask to enter the Trash heap biome in Grounded. That’s because this biome contains large rotten foods and Meaty Gnats that produce Noxious gas. To clear out this gas, you can destroy the rotten food with a weapon like Insect Axe. It is the easiest entrance to Black Ant Hill. As you reach there, you can find several Style and Tough Nuggets.

grounded black ant hill location

Upon reaching the Black Ant Hill, you can head further to the Omnient Black Ant Hill Lab. But you might need to fight your way through several creatures to reach there.

That’s everything covered about the location of Black Ant Hill in Grounded. If you this guide, check out our other guides on how to get a Sunken Bone, where to find Crow and use feathers, and where to find Stink Bugs and kill them in Grounded right here on Gamer Tweak.