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Grounded Bird: Where To Find The Crow & How To Use Feathers

There's a bird in Grounded and it's the crow! Know everything about it in this guide including item drops, location, crafting recipes and more.

Grounded has seen quite a lot of popularity even though it is in early access. Acknowledging this, Obsidian Entertainment has released a Thank You trailer where they revealed that millions of players have been coming together to survive, build, craft and fight off big enemies. And with it, they revealed that there will now be a Grounded bird…the crow. As we all know, crows can be terrifying and they eat anything and everything. Yikes. Let’s take a look at where to find the Crow in Grounded and get some more information like item drops from it.

Where to Find the Crow Feather in Grounded

You will see the Grounded bird flying around and hear its cawing from a distance. The locations to find the Crow are the Bird Bath and the Laser Tower but then again, the bird will keep moving around.


You will not be able to interact or fight with it yet (phew). They can be a formidable enemy since players will be tiny in comparison.

The Grounded bird isn’t just for show though. You can get some useful resources from it like its feathers which can be found randomly. Make sure to look in the areas where you have seen the Crow, especially on grass.

How to Use Crow Feathers

In order to cut the big Crow feather into smaller pieces (Crow Feather Pieces), you need a Tier 2 axe. With these pieces you can craft various items like the Simple Bed, Marksman’s Cap and Feather Arrow.

Grounded Simple Bed crafting recipe:

  • 4 Weed Stem
  • 2 Acorn Shell
  • 2 Crow Feather Piece
  • 6 Woven Fiber

Grounded Marksman’s Cap crafting recipe:

Grounded Feather Arrow crafting recipe:

Be sure to head over to our linked guides to see how to get those materials easily and quickly. So, that’s everything about the Grounded bird, where to find the Crow and how to get Crow Feather. We have more Grounded guides for you so read them all while you are here.