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Best Tips And Tricks To Win Hyper Scape

Here are some of the best tips and tricks to win Hyper Scape.

The recently released Hyper Scape is the latest addition to the battle royale genre. Similar to other games in the genre, Hyper Scape has fast-paced action-packed gameplay. Despite sharing the basic gameplay of narrowing down the map, it is a whole lot different from other battle royale games. Players need to be agile to win, no matter what way they choose. Here’s a guide with the best tips and tricks to help you keep up with the speed of the game and win Hyper Scape.

How to Win Hyper Scape

Only one tactic cannot help you win Hyper Scape, you have to follow multiple tips and tricks to achieve victory. Here are the best tips and tricks that you can try.

Choose the Best Drop Locations

Choosing drop locations is a very critical part of every battle royale game. Neo Arcadia is a vast city and you need to select your drop location according to your play style. If you want as many kills as you can get, landing in the center of a sector will be a good option. You can get great weapons at such locations. But be wary of the enemies who would be coming from all the directions in such populated areas.

If you are a beginner or want to have a slow game, landing in less-populated areas will be great. You can get your weapons in the area without risking your life. But then, just to avoid populated areas, you should not land somewhere you cannot find the weapons you want. This might allow you to stay long in the game, but you can’t win without good weapons. Hence you should select drop locations based on your game style.

Fill-up your loadout with the best

Loadout is one of the few things that are in the control of players. You should try and keep it always full with the best of weapons and hacks available. Loadout can have a direct impact on the result of the game.

Hyper Scape allows players to upgrade their weapons and hacks. While most of the weapons and hacks in the game are found at level 0, they can be upgraded at least 4 times. When you collect the same weapon or hack more than once, it upgrades. Make sure to have the best of weaponry and hacks under your belt by the time you reach the final round. This will help you easily win Hyper Scape. You can find already upgraded gears in some of the locations on the map.

Try to stay high

Players can not only enter the high buildings in Neo Arcadia but also go to their roofs. Having a view advantage is always great for FPS games. You will easily get the location of enemies who are on the roads. High range rifles will get you some easy kills from such a height. Hence, trying to stay high on buildings can earn a great advantage. You can also use hacks like the Ball or Slam to jump high in the air and get on top of a building easily.

Be on your toes

Slow and steady does not always win the race. It is a well-known fact that agility can offer a great benefit in battle royale games. You need to keep moving constantly for two benefits. One is to avoid being an easy target and the other is to avoid getting stuck in closed sectors. Hyper Scape has a sector-based closing system, instead of the traditional ring-based. Hence, in Hyper Scape different sectors close down randomly. This enforces players to sometimes move from the closed-sector to enter another open one.

To avoid getting stuck, you should always keep an eye on the map. The best thing to do is to stay in a sector that is surrounded by many open sectors. You cannot win Hyper Scape if you get stuck in a closed sector.

Use a combination of hacks

Hacks provide different abilities to players that give them a boost for a limited span of time. There are in total 11 hacks available at the moment. A player can have 2 hacks at a time and can swap them at any time.

You will have to use different combinations of hacks according to the situations to stay ahead of others. For example, if you get stuck with enemies, you can first use Teleport to move quickly in a direction. Then you can use Ball hack to jump and land on those enemies to kill them. Having the best hacks and mastering their use will help you win Hyper Scape easily.

Head for the crown

One of the characteristics of Hyper Scape that differs it from other battle royale games is its two ways victory. There are two ways to win the game, the standard (kill all enemies way), and the more exciting crown victory way. All you have to do is hold on to the crown for 45 seconds. Once you get the crown, use a combination of hacks to keep yourself away from enemies.

That’s some of the best tips and tricks to win Hyper Scape. You can also master other techniques such as respawning teammates to ensure your victory in the latest battle royale.