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Which Are The Best Hacks In Hyper Scape?

Use these best Hyper Scape hacks to your advantage to ensure your victory.

Ubisoft has taken the battle royal gaming to an entirely new level by introducing some unique features in the game. One of these unique features is the hacks in Hyper Scape. While this might sound like some Hyper Scape cheats to get your way to the victory, they are not. Hacks in Hyper Scape are in-game abilities that players can use to get a boost for a limited time.

In this guide we will cover all the available hacks in the game, what are the unique abilities you get from them, and which are the best hacks in Hyper Scape.

Hyper Scape: Best Hacks Guide

One thing worth noting is that Hyper Scape allows you to have only two hacks at a time. You can swap them if you find something more helpful for you. All the hacks are unique and give you different abilities. Hence, it is best to select the ones that go by your playing style. We have therefore listed down all the available hacks in Hyper Scape along with their details to help you select the one that is best for you.


As the name suggests, Teleport allows you to cover a lot of distance in a short span of time. However, it allows you to move only in a straight line and you cannot teleport through solid objects. So those are the two things that you should keep in mind before using this hack. While using this move, you are invulnerable, which can be used to your advantage.

This is the best hack to help if you are cornered during the war as it makes you more agile. With a little bit of creativity, you can maximize the use of Teleport. To give examples of a few, you can easily move to the top of a building to get a clear position of your opponents. You can also use it to get high in the air and launch an attack on your opponents.


A Hyper Scape hack that takes you high in the air and bashes you down on the ground. This hack releases an AoE slam attack on your opponents when it brings you down. The AoE slam attack deals high damage to close by opponents. It also allows you to move in mid-air. Slam can be a useful hack if you are overwhelmed by enemies. You can simply rise high in the air to avoid bullets and then bang into the ground to deal damage to your opponents.


Heal creates a virtual boundary that gradually heals you and your teammates when they are closeby. One thing to worry about while using this hack is that it makes you still for a while. This can make you an easy target for your opponents. Make sure to use it wisely at the right time to save your team.


This Hyper Scape hack is purely for defense. When you use this hack, it creates a high wall that can take some damage before being destroyed. Apart from defense, you can also use it to get an advantage in attacks. You can position yourself better behind the wall before unleashing an attack on opponents. Another thing you can do is to cover an escape way and corner enemies to get some easy kills.


This must be pretty simple to understand because of its name. Invisibility is a hack in Hyper Scape that allows you to cloak yourself for a while and keep your enemies guessing. It is really helpful to escape from close combat situations. You can also use it to get into a better position before opening the fire.


When set up mines will explode on whoever activates it. Mines can deal heavy damage to opponents, but only if they are roaming carelessly. That’s because mines can be easily spotted and avoided. It is not of the best Hyper Scape hacks but can be used at the start of the game when everyone is roaming around to spot some weapons.


Armor grants you invulnerability for a limited time. But it also has some disadvantages to it. While using this hack, you cannot use any weapons to attack enemies. Nonetheless, it can be useful in some scenarios. Firstly, you can use this hack in the final round to get a crown victory. It can protect you from opponents who will be bursting fire to kill you and get the crown. Another situation to use this is to expose yourself and soak up all the damage while your teammates attack opponents.


This hack pings all the enemies in the direction you are facing to reveal them. It also works through the walls. While it might sound useful, it is one of the worst Hyper Scape hacks. Being agile is one of the key elements in Hyper Scape. Hence, the location of enemies becomes invaluable very quickly.


It is surely one of the best Hyper Scape hacks as it opens many possibilities. You can use this hack for both defense and attack. While using the Ball, you turn into a big round ball that can jump across the buildings. It creates an armor around you to minimize the damage. While you land on the ground the Ball also releases ground pound attack on nearby opponents.


You can use this hack on enemies and yourself. It launches enemies high on the air giving you an upper hand in the fight. When used on self, it gives you the advantage of getting a high view of enemies.


This hack draws enemies towards the area of effect allowing you to hit them hard. You can use Magnet to prevent your enemies from escaping.

Some of the Hyper Scape hacks are better than others, but the ultimate advantage solely depends on how you use them. Which one suits you better depends on your gaming style, hence you might have to play with all of them for a while. Mastering these Hyper Scape hacks will help you increase your win rate in the game. Another way to increase the win rate is by using other techniques like respawning teammates and adding friends in your squad. Use the combination of these Hyper Scape hacks and other techniques to ensure victory in this latest battle royale.