Best Shieldmaiden Build In Halls Of Torment (Abilities & Items)

Thinking of going for a Run with Shieldmaiden in Halls of Torment? Make sure to enter the Hall with this Build.

Our Build features the Best Traits, Abilities, and Items for the Shieldmaiden in Halls of Torment. She can be your perfect choice if you are looking to play Defensively and stay inside the Hall for a long. But her default build is not strong enough to let you survive for 30 minutes straight. And that’s why, we are here to help you with our overpowered Shieldmaiden Build. Take a look below to get started.

Best Build for Shieldmaiden in Halls of Torment

Best Build for Shieldmaiden in Halls of Torment

Here’s the Best Shieldmaiden Build that will help you increase your survivability in Halls of Torment.

Best Items for Shieldmaiden

Check out below for the Best Item build for the Shieldmaiden in Halls of Torment.

  • Elven Slipper: Your chance to block increases with the distance you moved (up to +10%). The bonus is decreased over time while you’re standing still
  • Blazing Shell: Enemies that touch you have a high chance to start burning. +6 Block Strength
  • Quickhand Gloves: +20% attack speed
  • Helmet: +3 defense & +3 block strength
  • Copper Ring: Increases the base critical damage by 40%

Best Abilities for Shieldmaiden in Halls of Torment

Mentioned below are the Best Abilities Build in Halls of Torment for the Shieldmaiden.

  • Radiant Aura: Casts light that distributes its damage equally among all foes in its range. Automatically cast in intervals
  • Dragon’s Breath: Emits a wave of fire in the direction you’re facing. The fire has a high chance to set enemies ablaze

Best Traits for Shieldmaiden

For those who are confused about which Trait to equip, here are the best options for you.

  • Parry II (Strong): +4 Block Strength
  • Quick Hands: +10% Attack Speed
  • Ruthlessness: +20% Critical Damage Bonus

The above Halls of Torment Shieldmaiden Build heavily focuses on increasing Defense, Block Strength, and CRIT Damage. Since Shieldmaiden is already good at Defense, we can perfect it by enhancing her Defense and Block Strength. Moreover, we will also be increasing her Damage and Attack Speed to even things out between Defense and Offense.

Thanks to Halls of Torment Wiki for giving us information about all the above Traits, Abilities, and Items.

Now that you have our Best Halls of Torment Shieldmaiden Build, ensure to make the most out of it. Besides Shieldmaiden, do you know which else is the Best Hero in Halls of Torment? Check out our Tier List to know. Also, make sure to take a look at our Halls of Torment section for more such informative content.