How To Unlock Shieldmaiden In Halls Of Torment

Want to wield an axe and a shield? Then check out how to get the Shieldmaiden in Halls of Torment.

The Shieldmaiden is one of the many playable characters you can unlock in Halls of Torment. This horde survival RPG has racked up over 95% positive reviews on Steam within a short period of time. What makes this game so good is the option to play with seven different characters. One of the strongest playable characters among them is the Shieldmaiden. However, many players don’t know how to unlock it. Our guide will show you how to get the Shieldmaiden in HoT.

How to Get the Shieldmaiden in Halls of Torment

get shieldmaiden in halls of torment

Players will need to beat the Wraith Horseman in the Forgotten Viaduct to unlock the Shieldmaiden in Halls of Torment. You will be able to find the boss when you reach Chapter 3 of your questline. The elite enemy will spawn only when there are about 24 minutes left on the timer.

The Forgotten Viaduct is the third level in HoT. The Wraith Horseman is a powerful enemy that will roam around in circles and direct attacks at you. The elite enemy has a plethora of attacks in its arsenal. The Wraith Horseman can unleash an arrow attack on you, summon guards and use its deadly spear attacks.

Since the Arrow attack will be an AoE, you will see green circles forming in the arena before any attack. Just make sure you stay out of these green circles to avoid any damage. The guards can easily be defeated if you parry their attacks. The Spear attack as well can easily be dealt with by noticing a light green spear appearing on the battleground moments before the attack.

The Shieldmaiden character wields an ax and a shield as a part of its arsenal. This class is perfect for those who like playing as a Tank character. With high HP and defense stats, you have a higher chance of coming out alive after every battle. However, if you prefer faster-moving classes, then the Shieldmaiden won’t suit you. Luckily, you can unlock all characters and find which suits you the best.

That’s all you need to know on how to unlock the Shieldmaiden in Halls of Torment. We hope that this guide helped you out. Since you’re here, you can also check out how to unlock the Warlock and the Cleric in Halls of Torment.