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Best Hiding Spots In Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game

Looking for the best hiding spots in Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Our guide has you covered.

If you know the best hiding spots in the different map layouts of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game, you can go on a stealth run as you look to use the exit methods in the game. However, since the Family can also check the common hiding spots, they need to be useful, unique, and witty. Although there is no guarantee when it comes to hiding, we have ranked our best hiding spots in this guide and you can check them out as you look to escape the family in TCSM.

Best Hiding Spots in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Hiding Spots to Use

Since each map layout is different, you will need to figure out some good spots if you are stuck in a bad situation. Apart from that, there are a few hiding spots that can be extremely useful in the game. After playing the game for a while, it is quite clear that your hiding spots will have to be unique as well as witty on numerous occasions in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game. Here are the best hiding spots that you are looking for:

  • Dark Corners – This is probably one of the most witty and stealthy way to hide inside the house itself. Each corner is dark and it’s easier for members of the Family to miss the Victims especially if they turn off any lights close by. Having said that, you will also have to keep an eye on how much blood is being fed to the Grandpa since he is the one who can foil your stealthy plans. However, all things considered, the corners are usually the best hiding spots in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game.
  • Fridge/ Closets – Although these are specially made for you to hide, make sure none of the Family members are close by when you do so. Since it can be quite fatal if you are caught, only use these hiding spots if you are waiting to escape from a particular point near the spot. Additionally, there is a time limit to how long you can hide in these spots.
  • Objects – Although objects are quite useful if you want to hide behind them, most players on the Family side would check out behind objects. Since it’s common it won’t be a unique hiding spots and players might get caught.

Most players should avoid tall grass unless they are close to the exit. As a Family, it is easier to find Victims there since it has been one of the most common hiding spots of all and we recommend you avoid it in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game.

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