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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Grandpa Powers, Levels & More

Want to know more about the old fellow? Here is a guide with all of his abilities & perks and how you can feed or avoid him depending on the team in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Whilst your initial focus might go on the three Slaughter family members, a fourth one, the Grandpa in Texas Chainsaw Massacre game, is already lurking with his victim detection ability. Not only will the ability help you find victims, but feeding him blood will allow you to enhance it even more. Plus, there are other 14 perks that players can equip for him in the game. If you are playing as a victim evading the old fellow becomes crucial and important. There are many things that players will have to consider to use Grandpa’s ability to its fullest or to avoid detection at all costs. So if you want to know more about ol’ Grandpa, check out this guide to know everything you need to know before you dive into the survival horror game as a Victim or Killer.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Grandpa Guide

Where to Find Grandpa’s Location

Players can find Grandpa at random locations around the map in the game. Your best bet would be to use the family focus ability and locate him. This will help you find and feed him blood easily. To use the ability players can press the middle mouse button or D-Pad Up on their controller.

How to Feed Grandpa in Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game

how to feed grandpa blood in texas chain saw massacre

Players will have to feed Grandpa blood to wake him up and activate his victim detection ability in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game. Here are the steps you can follow to feed him in the game:

  1. Players will find buckets filled with blood lying around the map in the game.
  2. Press and hold the E key on your keyboard or the X button on your controller to collect the blood.
  3. Another option would be to find victims and attack them to gain blood accordingly.
  4. You can check the blood bottle slot given on the right-hand side to see how much you have gathered.
  5. Once you have enough at your disposal, you can head toward Grandpa and feed him the blood by interacting with him.
  6. After approaching him, you will see the key or button, generally the E key on the keyboard and the X button on the controller.
  7. A cutscene will playthrough of players feeding him after which the ability will be activated.

What are the Levels of Grandpa’s Abilities?

You can feed him 5 times increasing his level up to five in the game. Each time you feed him, he will reduce the cooldown of his victim detection ability making it easier for you to hunt down victims.

  • Level 1: Detection while the victim is still
  • Level 2: Cooldown of Detection is reduced
  • Level 3: Cooldown of Detection is reduced
  • Level 4: Cooldown of Detection is reduced and activates detection in shadows
  • Level 5 (max level): Victims can be detected even if they are moving

How to Attack Grandpa in TCSM

For victims looking to evade his victim detection ability, attacking him with Bone Scraps will help you stop him. Players can extract the scraps from the pile of bones scattered around. You will find the piles mostly around the basement or Leatherface’s Lair. Once acquired, you can attack Grandpa and stun him and also stop him from detecting you or your fellow victims.

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How to Avoid Detection

While the head of the Slaughter family has a unique ability at his disposal, it still has some cons that you can exploit. Till level 4 Grandpa will scream before using his ability, giving you a hint. Players can stay still and avoid detection completely in the game. As mentioned earlier, you can always use the Bone Scraps available to stun him and stop his ability for some time.

All Grandpa Perks in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game (Powers & Abilities)

list of all the grandpa sawyer abilities in texas chain saw massacre

Along with the Victim Detection, there are several other perks that players can equip for Grandpa in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game. Here are all Grandpa’s perks that you can equip in TCSM:

  • Always in Sync: This ability increases the duration of Family Focus and also reduces its cooldown.
  • Animal Farm: This ability increases the radius of the chickens in the cage detecting victims.
  • Barge to the Point: It helps players barge the door in a single try.
  • Brute Strength: It increases the melee damage dealt by the family members.
  • Don’t Have All Day: Less Stamina is drained while running across the map.
  • Excited Grandpa: The cooldown between Grandpa’s Victim Detection ability is reduced by 20%.
  • Experienced Stalkers: It will reduce the proximity range of families alerting victims.
  • Exterior Alarms: This ability will highlight the doors that are opened for 5 seconds.
  • Nobody Escapes Hell: Locked doors are 40% more difficult to open.
  • Suffocating Grip: The close encounter minigame is much easier for the one who equips it.
  • Swinging for the Fences: Less stamina is drained while using melee weapons.
  • Well Fed Young’uns: Family members will gain 50 stamina back while Victim Detection.
  • Well Well Well: Victims will take 50% more damage while jumping down a well.
  • Windoom: Victims will take 50% more damage while jumping through a window.

How to Equip Grandpa Abilities in TCSM

At the character selection and in loadout, each player will be able to select one additional ability for him. This additional ability can be activated as you feed him blood while hunting down victims. However, you will first need to unlock them with the use of the skill points available.

That’s everything covered in this Grandpa Guide for Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game. Check out our dedicated TCSM Game section for more helpful guides like these, right here on Gamer Tweak.