Best Healers In Honkai Star Rail – Bailu Vs Natasha

Karan Pahuja
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Healers are an important part of a team in most games and Honkai Star Rail is no exception to this rule. In this game, they follow the path of Abundance, which allows them keep their teammates healthy and make them fight battles for longer. And even though there are only 3 Healers in Honkai Star Rail picking the best from them can be tough. This is because one of them isn’t even available, and for the other two it comes down to whether you want to try your luck or not. But in the end, it all comes down to how well they heal and how useful they are. So let us quickly check that out.

Best Healers in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail best healers

There are 3 playable healers in Honkai Star Rail, these are Bailu, Natasha, and Luocha. But at launch that is version 1.0, only Bailu and Natasha are available for the players to get. And to answer the big question, the best healer in the game right now is Bailu. But the second best healer and also one who is free to claim, is Natasha. Here are all of them ranked and which one may be suited for you.

Bailu – Best Healer in Honkai Star Rail

bailu best healer in hsr

Out of the three choices you know you can’t go wrong with the character that is often referred to as the “Healer Lady”. Both her skill and ultimate are good for team healing because this is how they work:

  • Singing Among Clouds (Skill): Bailu not only heals an ally for 7.8% of her Max HP + 78. But also randomly heals allies twice. But after every healing, the HP she restores is reduced by 15%.
  • Felicitous Thunderleap (Ultimate): Bailu heals all her allies for 9% of her maximum HP + 90 while applying invigoration to her allies. The invigoration effect lasts for 2 turns.
    But if this wasn’t enough then even her Talent is around healing the team.
  • Gourdful of Elixir (Talent): Any team member that gets killed will be revived for 12% of Bailu’s maximum HP +120 HP. This effect triggers automatically and can be used once per battle. And keeping the revive aside, this talent also helps with healing. Any ally that she is in the effects of her invigoration gets healed each time an enemy attacks them.

So when you consider everything we talked about above you can see why she is the best healer in the game. Having her on the team ensures your team’s durability.

Natasha – Best Free-to-play Healer in HSR

natasha best f2p medic

While Bailu is a character that you will need to pull for (and be lucky to get). There are no such restrictions for Natasha. You unlock her after completing the “Lying in Rust” mission on Jarilo-VI. Her heals may not be as powerful as Bailu, Natasha too can heal individual allies and the whole team. Here is her Skill, Ultimate, and Talent:

  • Love, Heal, and Choose (Skill): Natasha restores a team member’s health by 7% of her maximum HP + 70. She even replenishes 4.8% of her maximum health + 48 at the start of each turn for the next 2 turns.
  • Gift of Rebirth (Ultimate): Natasha heals the team for 9.2% of her maximum HP + 92.

Natasha’s talent can be crucial in critical moments.

  • Innervation (Talent): Team members that have HP at 30% or lower get additional 25% healing from her.

Don’t worry if you tried to pull for Bailu and didn’t get her. Or if you never went for her in the first place. Natasha is a fairly strong healer and can fulfill her role for most teams.


luocha hsr

Luocha is an interesting character because while he does follow The Abundance Path, he isn’t exactly a healing-focused character. His skill and Talent are useful for it. But he also has AoE damage capabilities. And unlike the above healers, whose healing relies on their HP. In Luocha’s case, he heals as per his Attack. Here is what he can do:

  • Prayer of Abyss Flower (Skill): Luocha can use this skill to instantly heal an ally by 40% of Luocha’s Attack + 200. Using this skill each time also gives him 1 stack of Abyss Flower. What is more, whenever a team member is at 50% health or lower, Luocha automatically uses this skill to heal them. This effect of auto-healing an ally becomes available again after 2 actions.
  • Cycle of Life (Talent): Luocha deploys a field on the enemy when Abyss Flower reaches 2 stacks. Now, each time a team member attacks any enemy in this field, they restore their HP based on 14% of Luocha’s ATK + 70. The field lasts for 2 turns.

Because of Luocha’s uniqueness, you can replace the healer with another Sub-DPS character in your team. So while he provides you AoE attacks, you also get a healer with him. But considering his somewhat limited healing capabilities when compared to the above healers you will have to plan your battles better to use him to the fullest.

That was all you should know about the healers in this game. If you are interested in finding out where these characters rank, then check out our Honkai Star Rail Tier List. And you can also check our character related guides on the best build for Herta, how to get Seele, and all Voice Actors.

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