How To Get Honkai Star Rail Seele

Seele is a 5-star character that also happens to be of The Hunt Path and uses the Quantum element. So if you are wondering if you should get her in Honkai Star Rail, check out this guide to find out how, and other things about her.

Honkai Star Rail, just like the other games from Hoyoverse, uses a Gacha system for unlocking its characters. And there are quite a lot of characters each of different paths for you to choose from. But many Honkai Star Rail players are wondering if they should get Seele. And if you are one of these players, then you are at the right place. So here is how you can pull for her and all her pros and cons to let you decide if she is worth it.

How to Pull & Get Seele in Honkai Star Rail

How to Get Seele in Honkai Star Rail

You must use your Star Rail Passes or Stellar Jade to get Seele in Honkai Star Rail. You can find her in the Butterfly on Swordtip Warp (Banner) for version 1.0 of Honkai Star Rail. Just like Genshin Impact, one of the main ways to get characters in this game is also based on the Gacha System. Here is how her banner works.

You need to make a total of 90 Pulls as per the Hard Pity to get a 5-star character. But the catch is at 90 pulls you are guaranteed to get “a” 5-star character but it will not always be the “featured” character. Which in this case is Seele. So depending on your luck, you may need to make up to 180 pulls but that is in the absolute worst case.

The banners in this game have a Soft Pity which starts at 75 pulls. So you can assume to get Seele between 75 to 160 pulls in usual cases. And if you are lucky, then you can get her even earlier, thanks to her having a boosted Drop Rate.

Is Seele Worth Getting or Should You Pass on Her?

is seele worth pulling in honkai star rail

To give you a quick answer, Yes, Seele is worth it if you are looking for a strong single-target DPS character. But if you plan on playing the game for a long time and aren’t too fond of the character then you can also save up on your Stellar Jade and Star Rail Passes. If you still need more help then her pros and cons should help you make the decision.

Why You Should Add Seele to Your Team (Pros)

seele pros

Seele is a very strong character, her element is Quantum and she follows The Hunt Path. So while her path gives her more damage against single-target enemies. Thanks to her Quantum element she even delays the enemy’s actions and does additional Quantum damage to the ones inflicted by Weakness Break and Entanglement. But the biggest pro of having her is when Seele eliminates an enemy she gets an extra turn. This allows her to deal further damage to the enemies. Here are some of her Pros:

  • Strong character with excellent speed and damage
  • Can fill the role of the Main DPS character in most team comps
  • Very useful if you need a character to target individual enemies

Honkai Star Rail: Why You Can Skip on Seele (Cons)

seele cons

Whenever people pull for characters it is mainly for two reasons. The first is they like the character and the second is if they need someone powerful. Now if you don’t really like the character be it her personality or design, then you can easily pass on her. As for the need for a strong character, that is purely optional.

Honkai Star Rail does not have PvP, at least not at launch. So for the main story, you should be able to progress in it with the free characters you get.

Lastly, this is the game’s first limited-time banner. So there are going to be more characters joining the game later. So it is best you save up on these Star Rail passes for them. You can always wait for a rerun if you change your mind later.

Even if you do end up pulling her, you will need to use a good build to use her to the fullest. Here are some of her Cons:

  • Not of much use if you already have strong characters that you are happy with and your team as a whole. You could do without her as the role of Main DPS.
  • Not Free-to-play friendly, especially if you want to get her E6 (Eidolons 6).

That should help you decide whether you want Seele on your team in Honkai Star Rail. But if Seele wasn’t for you then check out our character Tier List to find other better options.