Best Generators In Armored Core 6 (AC6)

We'll talk about the best generator in Armored Core 6 (AC6). We cover top generators for beginners, tank builds, and more.

Equipping the proper generator is crucial for building your ideal mech in Armored Core 6. The generator determines your total power and energy (EN) capacity, which limits the weapons, armor, and accessories you can equip before hitting that dreaded “EN Shortfall” warning. Choose a Generator with too little capacity, and you’ll be forced to handicap your mech. We’ll show you the best Generator options in AC6 for different playstyles.

Best Generators to Avoid EN Shortfall in AC6

Best Generators In Armored Core 6 (AC6)

When selecting a generator in AC6, don’t get caught up in just the maximum EN Load stat. Many high-capacity generators have significant downsides that can negatively impact your overall combat performance. Focus instead on generators that balance power with other critical factors like weight, EN recharge rate, and total EN capacity.

The Beginner Generator – AG-E-013 YABA

The AG-E-013 YABA is a safe, reliable generator for new pilots in the early game. With decent EN capacity and recharge, it provides enough power for basic builds. You can obtain the YABA by completing the Attack the Watchpoint mission in Chapter 1. Its light weight allows for good mobility as you learn the ropes.

The Tank Generator – DF-GN-06 MING-TANG

The DF-GN-06 MING-TANG is best if you’d like to go heavy. This generator has excellent EN capacity, booster strength, and recovery speed – perfect for a lumbering tank mech. You’ll be able to withstand heavy damage while dishing it out. The MING-TANG allows you to speed around the battlefield and fire powerful weapons without long delays between shots.

The Tetrapod Generator – VP-20C

You’ll want a lighter generator like the VP-20C for a tetrapod build. Since tetrapod mechs are medium-sized, you want to avoid excessive weight dragging you down. The VP-20C provides excellent recharge speed for your boosters, allowing you to take to the skies often.

The Melee Generator – DF-GN-02 LING-TAI

If you’re constructing a melee-focused mech, the DF-GN-02 LING-TAI is a good option. Melee builds rely on agility over armor, so the LING-TAI’s rapid recovery speed lets you zip around enemies for quick strikes. You’ll be able to dance around opponents with ease using this generator.

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