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The Best Games on Epic Games Store That You Won’t Find on Steam

Now THAT'S an epic list!

Epic Games Store made its debut last year and was met with a lot of negativity. But now, after the dust has settled, does it have any advantage over Steam?

The company signed many contracts to get early access to big games like Control, Metro: Exodus and more in order to combat Steam’s popularity. After all, the way to get a good player base when it comes to gaming is to, well, provide good games. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what games Epic Games is offering on their store that Steam isn’t:

Best Games on Epic Games Store


Control Game Review

Ah, Control. One of, if not the biggest surprises of last year. Remedy Entertainment struck gold again with Control in its glorious visuals combined with a mind-bending story. However, not all gamers got to experience this game when it launched. As you can remember, Remedy has a one-year exclusivity deal with Epic Games Store to distribute Control on PC. The game was the pinnacle of NVIDIA’s RTX technology with its a beautiful implementation of raytracing, but it’s a shame it didn’t get played by as many people at launch as would be possible with a Steam launch. In any case, do give it a whirl on PC (the console versions aren’t well optimized).

World War Z

World War Z Trailer

World War Z is another title that enjoys exclusivity with Epic Games Store. It received some mixed reception back when it came out, but has since gotten much better thanks to continued DLC support from developer Sabre Interactive. The game is a 3rd person co-op shooter which may look like

The Division 2

the division 2 key guide

We really liked The Division 2 when it came out, and thanks to Ubisoft’s post-launch support the game keeps on giving! In our review, we called it “ruly Marvelous Game With An Interesting Plot”. Now that’s some praise. When compared to the first Division game, the sequel manages to exceed in nearly every category across the board. It has a more dynamic open-world, better weapons, better gunplay, and lesser bullet sponge when it comes to enemies. We can only hope for even more improvement with The Division 3 if and when that day comes. Ubisoft saw a great increase in the game’s sales on Epic Games Store and has since extended its partnership, so expect more Ubi games to be available on there before Steam. 

Metro: Exodus

Metro Exodus also got a one-year exclusive deal to be distributed on Epic Games Store, with it getting over just recently. We counted it as one of the best games of 2019 and it deserves its spot on that list for so many reasons. The game is one of the most immersive shooters out there, especially with RTX turned on. Even on consoles, it looks drop-dead gorgeous, and Epic Games knew where the money was when they acquired this gem.


Journey game

Formerly a PS3 exclusive, Journey is finally on PC thanks to Epic Games! It’s a simple adventure game that was released to critical acclaim way back in 2012. Yes, it took that many years to get this little gem on PC. I won’t say much about the game as it really needs to experience on your own, but suffice to say that that you’ll be left speechless by the end of it. Even attempting to explain the mechanics of this game is quite hard, as developer thatgamecompany  (yes that’s the real name) has crafted something truly original and thought-provoking here.

Journey to the Savage Planet

Journey to the savage planet | Epic Games Store Exclusive

Journey to The Savage Planet also remains one of Epic’s most unique exclusives, at least until their deal expires in 2021. It’s a first-person adventure game with a really fun art style. We’ve covered more about the game here. You can either play solo or play it with a friend, although we’ll always recommend the latter as it’s infinitely more fun. The game’s also really funny, with a goofy sense of satire to go along with it.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey
Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey

Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey was the brainchild of Patrice Desilets, the creative genius behind Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed series. It’s a 3rd person survival game that takes place over the span of millions of years. Yes, there are some similarities shared with Ubisoft’s signature series, but other than that it’s a completely different game. The reviews of the game were a little mixed, but at least it provides something unique in a sea of open-world games and shooters.


fortnite season 2

Of course, how can we forget Epic’s biggest game? Fortnite remains one of the world’s leading games in terms of concurrent players. The game was created by the Epic Games team itself. While the game is quite popular, it is one of, if not the biggest reasons why Epic decided to start their own digital games store. On PC, you can only find Fortnite on Epic Games, and even on mobile, you’ll have to download the app from Epic’s website rather than Google Play. The game continues to be Epic’s biggest moneymaker and hence gets the fastest DLC support too.

So there you have it, those are some of the best games you can find on Epic Games Store. While it’s clear that Steam is still the leading marketplace for PC gamers, Epic is slowly climbing the ranks.