Control Review (PC) – A Thrilling Paranormal Journey

2019's biggest contender for artistic brilliance wrapped around with surreal narrative driven story

Control is crafted between the realms of nightmare and the worst possible day; you play as Jesse Faden, a girl who comes to the Federal Bureau of Control in search of her brother, who was taken away 17 years back. Control manages to be a suspenseful thriller with horror elements, which makes you question the reality these characters are involved in, and most of the time, it gets harder to distinguish.

A prior incident in Ordinary causes the Federal Bureau of Control to investigate and remove Jesse’s brother during their childhood, and Jesse intends to find him. As she enters the Federal Bureau of Control’s building, she is responsible for being the new Director before things make sense. This single incident is the cause of a mysterious power called the Hiss being released from containment, and Jesse must get to the bottom of this while also finding her brother.

Control is visually visceral; the more time you spend in the game, the more it draws you in. Control is designed so that you will often look at the finer details crafted in every possible inch of gameplay. It is not just the visuals that will overwhelm you; the background music accentuates the feeling the game is forcing you to feel.

A visual representation of anxiety mixed with some of the most innovative gameplay defines Control the best. The game features only one weapon, which you can upgrade and use supernatural powers, but it’s not limited to just that. You can transform the service weapon, as it is called, into various other types. This ability to immediately change the weapon will often take you out of tighter spots, and the more you explore in Control, the more this game has to deliver to you.
If you stick to the campaign, Control will only deliver you a captivating story. Still, as you deviate from that and take on the side missions, you will not only unlock more abilities for yourself and your weapons, but you will most certainly see a different type of game.

There are only a few things in this game that feel tiring, and one that needs to be addressed is the game’s map. Not only is the game dark and barely lit, but the game makes going from one point to the other very confusing. There are only a few levels and elevators to take you up there, but looking at the map often gives a weird perspective and makes it easy to lose your way.

Control Nvidia RTX 2070 Super Performance Test:

Control is a perfect game for Nvidia RTX 2070 Super with Ray Tracing that turns the game environment more immersive. It would be best if you had a decent PC config to get a fantastic graphic output; in our case, the Ryzen 2600x with 16GB RAM was worthy enough to give us what we expected. RTX 2070 Super is an expensive card, but it is designed for next-level performance. The light and environment are near reality; you will not notice glitches or cartoonish images. Sometimes, it looks too real as you are playing in a live movie.

No perfect tuning is required to configure best graphics when there is an RTX 2070 Super setup, Nvidia pitched Control with the GPU and delivered what is promised. The light balance makes Control surreal. I am pretty sure our output on RTX 2070 Super is impossible on lower-end cards. It has an error-free graphic output and dynamic lightning, making Control an outstanding game. The crux of Control is where mystical, paranormal entities dominate, and this game demands a unique environment. This is where RTX 2070 Super plays a vital role in making the story look and feel natural.

Control Gamers’ Insight:

Thanks to the game developer for Review copies and our friends in PR, we tested the game on two platforms. We received an early copy that allowed us to get deeper into the gameplay of Control. PC and PS4 offer different experiences; on PC with Nvidia RTX 2070 Super FE, the game is visually stunning. It will take a few minutes to get immersed in the thrilling environment of Control where paranormal entities rule. The world is mystical and magical; with supernatural powers, you think will give you an edge over the monster, but it will not. We bring two insights from gamers who played on a PS4 & PC for almost five days. Check out their opinions in this review on Control.

Raaj (PS4 PRO)

Control is fantastic; I am sure it will consume your complete weekend once you land in that weird building. It is hard to judge the gameplay through videos. When you start playing, it will consume you slowly. Control is impressive, with many challenges, and the story is interesting. As Jesse, the lead character, she is unique. You will feel a little connected to her struggle of finding her brother revolving around paranormal phenomena. It is scary and challenging. One thing that annoyed me a lot was not having auto Health Regeneration, kill enemies and then they drop blue thing you get your health restored. This mechanism is sometimes frustrating when dealing with bosses or reaching the end part.

On the other hand, there are enemies with rocket launchers, grenades, etc., and your health does not regenerate. I might have died a hundred times on many levels, especially in Salvador. You will see on your own when you reach that level.

Control is fantastic; after quite a long time, I found a challenging game with an exciting storyline. The geeks and sci-fi fans will especially love it. The map is confusing, and I wish it had an auto Health Regeneration feature.

Captaincouch (PS4 PRO)

What amazed me about Control was how unconventional the game is crafted. It looks and feels like a work of art labored to craft to perfection. Control starts playing games with your mind, and before you know it, you’ll be engrossed in the story of Jesse Faden and try to uncover the secrets of her past.

Not just that, but the fact that Control has a perfect enemy AI system at the place, and the hiss-controlled enemies will try to attack you with their supernatural powers combined with proper tactical awareness adds to the anxiety you feel as you run and dodge for cover.

Everything in Control works harmoniously to confuse you inside the trance of the hiss, which brings up multiple questions; the developers have created Control in such a way that there is usually an acceptable margin between good and evil, which you will question numerous times as to whom you are pledging your loyalty to.

Add a bit of family drama into the mix, and even with so many supernatural elements in the game, Control seems reasonable and justified. Remedy Entertainment presents a work of modern art in the form of Control.

notoriousgamerchild (PC)

Control is complicated and challenging: puzzles, monsters, a whole messed up building, everything complied with a girl who talks to herself. This game has next-level graphics, and the detailing is perfect on the Nvidia RTX 2070 Super. I had never enjoyed anything like this before. After Wolfenstein: Youngblood, I was looking for something refreshing, and Control lands on high scores.

Remember, Control will not end soon; it will take time, and specific challenges will put in a non-stop loop of the die and respawn. The game control points play a significant role in traveling fast, but memorizing the map is difficult, which I find a little confusing. I enjoyed the game graphics, the fantastic details, and the story. Jesse is awesome 🙂

Pavf6 (PC)

When I started playing Control at first sight, I fell in love with the gameplay. I first thought it would be something like Resident Evil, but it is unique. The story, in particular, and the characters. They are not horrifying but secretive. To some extent, you will not able to figure out what is happening, a ton of sci-fi things goes around in Control. I played it on PC and enjoyed it a lot. Control is a game for every gamer, especially for those who do not love to leave their couch for hours. Jesse’s superpowers, mainly levitating, that unlock later in the game, are fantastic.


Control often makes you feel like you are sinking into the game’s madness. It holds you and does not let go. One of the most noticeable things is that even though danger is always lurking around, Control enables you to examine the feat the developers have achieved in moments between. From the cinematic close-ups, Jesse thinks to herself or tries to make sense of what’s happening. Control will scare you and bring comfort when you confront these supernatural beings. A game where you will instantly fall in love with what you are delivered, Control looks likely to be 2019’s one of the biggest contenders for artistic brilliance wrapped around the surreal narrative-driven story.

Developed By Remedy Entertainment, Control is out now for PC, Xbox One and PS4.


Don't Get Out of Control

Control often makes you feel as if you are sinking into the madness of the game, it holds you and does not let go. One of the best noticeable things is the fact even though danger is always lurking around, Control lets you examine the feat that the developers have achieved in moments between. From the cinematic close-ups where Jesse is thinking to herself or trying to make sense of what’s going on.

  • Gameplay 9
  • Graphics 9
  • Story 8
  • Background Music 9