The Division 2 Review (PC): Truly Marvelous Game With An Interesting Plot

DC Has Never Been More Fun

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 starts by giving you a sense of patriotism to a fictional city you were never a part of. The Division 2 puts you into the shoes of a Strategic Homeland Division division, who must take back control from the other factions occupying Washinton D.C. This feels like a perfect sequel, taking into consideration what The Division brought to the table, The Division 2 feels like a worthy successor and the game mechanics are spot on.

As you begin the game you are tasked with taking down Hyena Agents who are trying to enter The White House, as you progress into the game, you will almost do the same thing. The entire game’s premise revolves around shooting people and upgrading your tech, but the game feels so much more.

the division 2 review

The game connects with you emotionally on many levels, taking aside the grind, The Division 2 has a lot more to offer, the torn down city of Washington D.C feels like it is gasping for breath as you see chaos in every corner. People are on the streets with no help, and then some are trying to make the best of this weakened city to take over. Your job as a Division Agent is to stop the anarchy and take the people who are responsible.

The scale of the destruction is visible, and if you ever happen to watch a documentary about civil war, this feels just like it, but you get to take part in it. It is a terrible atrocity, but it shows how the situation can be changed in a few days.

You get to see the delicate details of how the capital of the United States of America can be in its most vulnerable moments and how heroes must rise to do what’s right. Division 2 feels like a work of Joker in a world without Batman, and this quote can define the game ‎: “Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos”.

the division 2 review

It is a marvelous game with an exciting plot, storyline, and an almost perfect balance of grind and content to keep you playing for days.

The introduction of matchmaking in the game lets you team up with other agents to take down enemies, and this feels less lonely than its prequel, a significant improvement. You also have a variety of skills and perks in your arsenal to quickly alter the battle in your favor, and if you know how to use them ideally, you become something more than just a Division Agent. You become the beacon of hope the city desperately needs, and the game pushes you to improve the more you play.

The game almost feels like real-life combat, and the AI of the enemies will push you to find new ways to take down enemies; the progression of the game in the sense of the story is one of the highlights, and even if you spend multiple hours, you won’t feel tired or dizzy. Instead, you will want to push more and continue playing.

the division 2 review

The aiming system feels a bit different than the beta version which came out a couple of weeks ago, while the new aiming system will take some time to get used to, it does not feel unjust.

The game is a perfect sequel that ties in the story and continues flawlessly.

DC Has Never Been More Fun!

The Division 2 Review

Truly Marvelous Game With An Interesting Plot

  • Immersive Campaign 8.9
  • Co-op Mode 8.5
  • Balanced Gameplay & Grind 8.5
  • Storyline 8
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