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World War Z New Update Brings Extreme Difficulty and New Weapons

World War Z is back again and it is setting the bar way up high this time, the game is back with a free update for PS4, this update certainly takes things up a notch.

You can download the update as of right now, in this new update titled The Six Skulls you will have to complete the chapters at its hardest difficulty, which is easier said than done.


The zombie horde is certainly stronger and more fearsome than ever before but there are handsome rewards for every chapter you complete. For the completion of the first chapter you will be rewarded with a sword type melee weapon called the Wakizashi and upon completion of all the chapters, you will be rewarded with the Mk110 sniper rifle.

The weapon in itself looks incredible and if you are one of the hardcore players of World War Z then having this weapon becomes a certain milestone in the game.

Saber Interactive also teased they might release another update at the end of this month, they’re calling it “The Big Update”.


This new “The Big Update” will bring newer weapons, skins, and accessories to the game with a weekly challenge with different difficulties.

So make sure that you check up the new update and let us know what you think of the game and how this new update changes the gameplay of World War Z.