Best CS2 Console Commands And Cheats

Here are the best CS2 cheats that players can use in the game.

Let’s take a look at the best CS2 Console Commands that players can use in the game. Counter Strike 2 or formerly, CSGO continues the tradition of console commands even in the new game and if you are a veteran of one of Valve’s most successful series, you might already have an idea of a few of them. Nevertheless, there are too many commands in the game and many of them might not even be that useful. In this guide, we will filter out the best console commands so you don’t have to go through a list of every useless command.

Developer’s Console is nothing new to Counter Strike 2 veterans and fortunately, most of these CS 2 Console Commands have in some form appeared in the earlier versions of the game. Since change is inevitable, there might be a few modifications to the console commands you have been using in the earlier versions of the game.

Do note – We are still testing a few Counter Strike 2 Console Commands and if some of these do not work or if we find better ones, we will update this list.

How to Enable Developer’s Console in CS2

The Developer’s Console won’t be enabled right from the start. Here’s how you can enable it:

  • Head to the in-game Settings and then locate the Game tab.
  • While you are here, scroll down and look for the Developer’s Console option.
  • Once you find it, turn it On and then you can add console commands by pressing ‘~’

Best CS2 Console Commands to Know About

Best Counter Strike 2 Console Commands to Use

In CSGO, you had to use 1 or 0. In Counter-Strike 2 console commands, use true or false to function the same. Once you open Console, these are the cheats for you to use.

Top CS2 console commands:

  • cq_netgraph 1Netgraph will show the in-game ping and latency in your Counter Strike 2 match.
  • cl_showfps 1/ 0 – Use the Counter Strike 2 Console Command to enable or disable FPS Counter.
  • fps_max [X] – You can Cap or Uncap your FPS by using the cheats.
  • disconnect – You can instantly disconnect from the current server with this command.
  • cl_reload_hud – This console command will rescale the HUD to default edge and positions.
  • sensitivity [X] – To change your mouse sensitivity use this command and type in the value you want. However, I prefer to toggle through the Settings since it allows me to experiment properly.
  • viewmodel_fov [X] – Helps you adjust FOV for a better field of view from an FPS perspective.
  • cl_drawhud 0 – This cheat removes the HUD from the screen.
  • bind [action] [key] – Use this cheat to assign actions to keys.
  • exec autoexec.cfg – Use this console command to auto-execute your list of console commands as soon you launch the game. If you are wondering how to setup autoexec, our guide here with help you with that.

CS2 Launch Commands

You can use CS2 Console Commands right at launch by inputting them in your Steam Library. Head to Steam and then right-click on CS2 and select Properties. You will find the launch options there.

  • -novid – Use this command to skip the opening video.
  • -high – Use this command to prioritize CS2 for CPU usage.
  • -console – Use this command to automatically launch Console Command line when the game boots.
  • -fullscreen – Use this command to boot the game in fullscreen mode.

Best Practice Commands in CS2

  • sv_cheats [true, false] – Use this console command to activate or deactivate cheats respectively.
  • noclip – This command allows you to move through walls and textures and is perfect for testing out the Grenade Camera.
  • sv_gravity – Use this command to toggle low gravity.
  • sv_lan 1 – This command will allow you to set up a local private server.
  • mp_roundtime – Allows you to adjust the time for a match.
  • god – Use this command to get infinite health.
  • give_weapon_[name] – Use this console command to get the weapon you mentioned.
  • kill – Use this cheat to instantly kill your character to respawn.
  • sv_infinite_ammo 1 – Use this console command to get infinite ammo and grenades.
  • mp_respawn_on_death_ct 1;mp_respawn_on_death_t 1 – Use this console command to instantly respawn after death.

CS2 Bot Commands

  • bot_kick – Use this console command to remove all bots.
  • bot_add – Use this console command to return the bots.
  • bot_place – Use this console command to position a bot where you’re looking.
  • bot_stop 1 – Use this console command to stop all bots from moving.
  • bot_mimic 1 – Use this console command to make the bots mimic your moves.

How to Get More CS2 Console Commands

As I mentioned at the start, this guide provides the best and most useful console commands in Counter Strike 2. However, in case you are wondering how to get more console commands, you can simply start typing it and the game will help you with auto-complete feature. You will be able to check out numerous other CS2’s commands and you can experiment with them in a practice match.

Along with console commands, players need to be vary of the best Settings for Max FPS, best viewmodel settings, and best Crosshair codes to enjoy the game to its fullest. If you found this guide useful, our Counter Strike 2 dedicated section has more such guides. Do check them out while you are here at Gamer Tweak.