Best Beginner Characters In Tekken 8 For New Players To Start With

New to the Tekken series? These are the 3 best characters that you should use as a beginner in Tekken 8.

Tekken is considered one of the hardest fighting games to learn by many especially due to its 3D aspect, unlike Mortal Kombat which infamously changes the moves and button combinations of its characters. Tekken and Street Fighter don’t make major changes when it comes to combo execution for their fighters. As such whenever you are starting a new game in the series, veteran players already have some level of headstart over newbies. However, don’t worry if you are someone just getting into this game. With these beginner-friendly characters you should not only get used to the Tekken 8 fighting system, but soon you could be dominating the ranked matches as well!

Top 3 Beginner Friendly Characters in Tekken 8

Best Beginner Characters In Tekken 8
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak. Jin fighting Leroy.

Jin Kazama

Jin Kazama
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak. Jin Kazama

If anyone ever recommended you to start with Jin in past Tekken games, that would be bad advice. However, this time around the developers have sort of taken a page out of Street Fighter’s book and made Jin similar to Ryu. Basically, what this means is Jin has all of the moves needed for new players to get comfortable with the game’s mechanics. While also having counters and enough strong combos, that they can continue using him even in some higher ranks until they move over to some other character.

Do you want to poke at your enemies? His jabs have got you covered. Looking to juggle your enemies mid-air? There are combos for that. He is also a good character that you can try when looking to learn about the game’s heat system.

Paul Pheonix

Paul Pheonix
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak. Paul Pheonix

If you are looking to go for a more defensive gameplay with a character that has good mid-range then Paul is another good pick. He has been a staple choice for beginners for quite some time now. He has great attacks that cover all high, mid, and low ranges.

He is great for learning timing and how to put pressure on your opponent, all this with the most basic moveset. He has some great launcher moves as well so you can juggle the enemies and he also has attacks that let you put wall pressure against them. So if you are someone that is looking to play defensively or learn that playstyle then Paul can be a real solid option.

Alternatively, if for whatever reason you don’t want to play as him then here are some similar fighters that you can use in his place instead:

  • Law
  • Claudio
  • Lee


Jack 8
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak. Jack-8

Finally, if you are looking to up your pressure game then Jack is a character that you can pick. This character is a double-edged sword due to its design. While his huge frame gives him a good range, if your opponent knows how to make the most out of the 3D environment with sidestepping you may have some trouble dealing with them.

Another reason to go for Jack is he is sort of broken. So while Paul is more suited for a defensive play it is quite the opposite for Jack as you should be more on the offense with him.

In case you are looking for a similarly broken character who is equally fun to play then you can also switch him with Alisa. She is also an offensive character where you can play with your and your opponent’s space. Her moves let her easily close in the gaps and she also has some gimmicky moves which can be a pain to deal with.

Which Characters Should You Avoid as a Beginner in Tekken 8?

These are some characters that are better suited for later on when you are comfortable with the game’s mechanics. While also ready to move on to perform combo chains and stuff.

  • Hwoarang
  • Devil Jin
  • Kazuya
  • Lili
  • Xiaoyu
  • Yoshimitsu
  • Steve
  • Nina
  • King

Aside from that the most important thing about this game is having fun. So while you use the above characters to practice. Don’t forget to switch things up from time to time by trying out new characters that you like visually. This will also help you decide who aligns more with your playstyle which will further help you pick your main!

That’s all for the best beginner characters in Tekken 8. For more help on other topics of this game also check our guides on how to add friends, earn fight money fast, and unlock the secret ending.