TOTK Stone Talus – How To Beat (Boss Strategy)

Suraj Nai
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In the early stages of Tears of the Kingdom, it can be quite tricky to beat the Stone Talus mini-boss. This is one of the returning enemies from the previous game title, BotW. Just like this stony monster, there are different variants of it you’ll find while traversing through the Kingdom of Hyrule. Defeating all of them is easy but for that, you’ll have to know some of their weaknesses. And fortunately, every Talus variant shares quite similar flaws that you can benefit from. With that being said let’s check out some tips, tricks and strategies to defeat the Stone Talus in TotK easily.

Tears of the Kingdom Stone Talus Weakness

hit the blue ore to defeat the stone talus in zelda totk
Source Image: WoW Quests

In Tears of the Kingdom to beat the Stone Talus, all you have to do is destroy the Blue Ore kept on its back. That’s because that stone/ore is the heart of this enemy. However as easy as it may sound but it isn’t, Stone Talus will not let you get near the blue ore. And keep blocking you with its slow yet deadly attacks. For your reference below are some tips that can help you win this fight easily.

How to Defeat Stone Talus in Zelda TOTK

Aim at the Heart

As mentioned earlier, the Blue ore on the Stone Talus’ back is its heart and the only way to knock it down. In order to break it, players can always use some Range weapons. That can be the Bow and arrow in the early stages of the game. To maximize its effect we recommend you use your Fuse ability and combine Bomb Flowers or Fire Fruit with your arrows.

Stun and Attack

If you’re running low on arrows or Bomb Flowers, simply stun the enemy and then climb it to inflict melee attacks. To stun Stone Talus take a higher ground, and hit an arrow at the Blue ore. Doing so will make the monster fall for a few seconds that you can use to climb your way up or Ascend through the enemy. And after you’re on top of it, keep causing melee damage to the Blue ore until this stone monster bucks you off. And when it does ensure you have a smooth landing, by using Paraglider or any other means.

destroy the stone talus heart to beat it in tears of the kingdom
Source Image: WoW Quests

Keep Distance

While you are fighting and trying to beat Stone Talus in Tears of the Kingdom, don’t forget to keep your distance. That’s because, no matter how slow this monster is, if you don’t Parry at the right time, the damage can be deadly. So it’s best to only use ranged weapons until you stun the enemy and then use all the combo melee attacks you have.

Once you destroy the Blue ore on the enemy’s back, it’ll burst and drop various materials. Which makes it one of the farming methods to obtain resources in the game. So explore locations like Eldin Mountains, Deep Akkala, Gerudo Highlands, and more to find Stone Talus in TotK.

That covers all about how you can beat Stone Talus in Tears of the Kingdom. If you’ve just started your journey, then do check out the Best Weapons you can get in Zelda TotK. Also, do take a look at the ways to farm Rupees & Diamonds in the game.

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