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How To Defeat Seized Construct In Zelda TOTK (Boss Fight)

Here's a boss fight guide for Seized Construct in Tears of the Kingdom. Check out how to beat him to get Heart Container.

Seized Construct is one of the easiest bosses you will have to fight in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom if you know what to do. If you are on a quest to get the Vow of Mineru: Sage of Spirit, the Seized Construct will come in your way. For this TotK boss fight, we recommend players carry Zonai Charges as they will come in handy. While completing the Guidance of Ages Past quest, players will encounter him. In this guide, players can check out how the boss attacks and the counters necessary for them so make sure you check it out till the end.

How to Beat Seized Construct in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda TotK Seized Construct Location

As mentioned, Seized Construct is one of the easy and unique battles in TOTK. Although it is not that hard to beat this boss, you would do better by understanding the pattern of attacks and the countermeasures necessary. If you are looking for the Seized Construct in particular, you will have to head to the Spirit Temple in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. It is located in the southern part of the Depths, a little further south from where you find Deep Fireflies. Thanks to the map from MapGenie, we can pinpoint the location in the image above.

Seized Construct Boss Fight Phase 1

The arena is surrounded by electrified barbed wires which turned out to be quite useful. With four combined punches, players can push Seized Construct into the wires and then reduce a chunk of his health. Once players enter the arena, they can find a cannon and a couple of spikes at the corner. Make sure you fuse a canon to one arm and one of the spikes to another.

  • The best way to defeat Seized Construct in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is to attack him when he is close to the barbed wires. Once you block his strike, you can use your spikes to hit a combo and that should push him to the wires.
  • Along with that, Seized Construct also has a long-range attack in Phase 1 that you can dodge by simply using your fused canon. Players will know this attack is coming since the boss jumps over to the other direction and then charges his attack (it will show up in green).
  • However, if you find yourself out of rockets, you will have to move in one direction and his blue missiles will miss you. Don’t try to strafe left and right too hard, just move in one direction and all four of his blue missiles won’t hit you.
  • One of his special attacks involves him charging his arms and then making a dash toward you. It’s easy to dodge this one and once again you need to move in one direction away from his attack. Once the Seized Construct is done charging and stops to dash toward you, get out of his arc.

Make sure you keep pushing him to the barbed wires and in doing so, bringing his health down. Once you drain a certain amount of his health, a small cutscene will show up where the boss evolves and then phase 2 begins.

Seized Construct Boss Fight Phase 2

Seized Construct Boss Fight Phase 2

If you are looking to defeat the Seized Construct in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Phase 2 will be an important fight. Although the basics of damaging his health remain the same, you will have to watch out since the boss can fly now.

  • Once the boss evolves and starts flying, he will shoot the blue missiles once again. Wait for him to get in the air and then move in one direction to dodge them.
  • Now, you will have to use your rocket arms to fire and bring him down. Once Seized Construct is stunned and on the ground, start attacking him and push him towards the wires.
  • The fight should now be even easier as you can knock the boss out before he can use one of his moves. Keep pushing him to the wires and soon you will defeat the Seized Construct in Zelda TotK.

That’s all we have on how to beat Seized Construct in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. While you are here, check out how to beat Stone Talus, Marbled Gohma, and other Tears of the Kingdom guides right here at Gamer Tweak.