Zelda TOTK Zonai Charges: Where To Farm Or Buy

Running low on Zonai energy? Then check out the best place to buy & farm Zonai Charge in Tears of the Kingdom.

Just like you, many players out there are wondering where they can farm or buy some Zonai Charges in Tears of the Kingdom. As this item is very vital in the game, it’s best to stack it as much as you can. Its main purpose is to restore the energy of the Zonai Devices. But you can also experiment and try to Fuse it with some weapons to see what kind of Fuse effects it gives. With that being said, let’s take a look at some best ways to obtain Zonai Charges in TotK.

Best Way to Farm Zonai Charges in Tears of the Kingdom

Best Ways to Farm Zonai Charges in Tears of the Kingdom
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The only way to farm Zonai Charges in Tears of the Kingdom is by defeating the Construct enemies. There are up to 10 types of Construct enemies that drop this charge item once defeated. These enemies are scattered all around the map and can be a hassle to find. But don’t worry below we have mentioned the list of all the Construct enemies and their respective spawn locations.

Enemies that drop Zonai Charges Best Spawn Locations
Flux Construct I West Hebra Sky Archipelago
Flux Construct II South Hyrule Sky Archipelago
Flux Construct III Necluda Sky Archipelago
Captain Construct I Great Sky Island
Captain Construct II West Necluda
Captain Construct III Lanayru Sky Archipelago
Patrolling Construct Sinatanika Shrine
Soldier Construct I North Gerudo Sky Archipelago
Soldier Construct II Hebra Mountains
Soldier Construct III Lanayru Sky Archipelago

Now you know the best places to look for the enemies that drop Zonai Charges in Tears of the Kingdom. Do note that these ancient robot-looking enemies are not that easy to defeat. But if you manage to find a way, then you can start farming whenever you want. Don’t worry, after you’ve finished killing all of them, they’ll respawn soon after the Blood Moon passes. If it’s too soon for you to fight the Construct enemies, then you can always purchase the Zonai Charges.

Where to Buy Zonai Charges in TotK

Where to Buy Zonai Charges in TotK
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To Buy Zonai Charges you’ll first have to collect the Zonaite and then head to Forge Construct to exchange them. The Forge works as a general store where players can get Zonai or Crystallized Charge in return for some Zonaite ore. The best place to farm this ore is in the Depths of Hyrule Kingdom. But if you are still having trouble getting your hands on it, then check out this guide on how to get Zonaite easily in the game. Once you’ve accumulated enough of it, simply head to the nearest Forge Construct and buy the Zonai Charge easily. The easy-to-visit Forge is in Great Abandoned Central Mine. But there are more found in different locations, for details, check out our Forge Construct guide.

That covers all about how you can farm or buy Zonai Charges in Tears of the Kingdom easily. While fighting the enemies, make sure you use the Best Weapons available in Zelda TotK. Also, don’t forget to increase your Heart & Stamina to survive longer in the game.