TotK Forge Construct Locations (Full List)

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In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you should explore different locations and find all the Forge Construct you can. The construct is a general store where you can get Zonai or Crystalized Charge. That will not only help you get more Energy Cells but also allow you to obtain some Zonai Device Dispensers. However, it will not come for free; to obtain the Charge items, you’ll have to exchange them for Zonaite. So if you’ve already stacked up a good amount of Zonaite and are looking for the right place to spend it, we’ve got you covered. For your convenience, below, we have mentioned all the locations to find Forge Construct in Zelda TotK.

List of All Forge Construct Locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

There are 8 confirmed locations to find Forge Construct in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TotK). The first one is located on the Great Sky Island, and the rest are found in the Depths. With that said, let’s check out more details of locations to speed up the process.

Forge Construct In Tears Of The Kingdom how to find
Source Image: GameXplain

Great Sky Island Forge Construct Locations TotK

As you can see, only one Forge Construct is located on the Great Sky Island. You can access this Forge by heading to the mining cave on the south side of the map near the Nachoyah Shrine.

List of All Forge Construct Locations in Zelda Totk
Source Image: MapGenie

Depths Forge Construct Zelda TotK

In the depths, there are the rest 7 confirmed Forge Constructs in the game. Before you head in there, carry enough Brightbloom Seeds and the best Weapons you have. That’s because you will face several enemies ready to knock you down here:

Forge Construct Locations In Tears Of The Kingdom Where To Find Depths
Source Image: MapGenie
  1. Abandoned Lanayru Mine
  2. Abandoned Hateno Mine
  3. Abandoned Lurelin Mine
  4. Abandoned Kakariko Mine
  5. Abandoned Kara Kara Mine
  6. Abandoned Gerudo Mine
  7. Great Abandoned Central Mine

That sums up the locations to find all Forge Construct in Tears of the Kingdom. If you’ve used all your Zonaite, check out how to get more. Also, look at how to farm Rupees in Zelda TotK.

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