How To Defeat Marbled Gohma Boss In Tears Of The Kingdom (TOTK)

Milton Dsouza
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Marbled Gohma in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is actually the weakest among all the bosses. The Fire Temple boss is incredibly slow and has several weak points that you can target. However, some of his attacks can prove fatal for Link early on in the game. So, to ensure this boss fight is a breeze, check out our guide on how to beat the Marbled Gohma in TOTK.

How to Beat Marbled Gohma in Tears of the Kingdom (Fire Temple Boss)

The Marbled Gohma Fire Temple Boss fight will have two phases that you will have to clear and survive. Similar to other boss fights in Zelda TOTK, you will not have to face Marbled Gohma alone. You will be accompanied by Yunobo, whom you can unlock after completing the main quest – Yunobo of Goron City. Using the Sage of Power ability, you can make Yunobo roll toward any object and create a huge blast. So, with that in mind, here is how to beat Marbled Gohma in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Phase 1 Marbled Gohma TOTK Boss Fight

marbled gohma phase 1 weak point zelda totk

  1. Marbled Gohma – the spider made of lava rocks will kick off Phase 1 by throwing explosive rocks at you.
  2. Since the first phase takes place on the floor, he will drop several such rocks at you.
  3. These rocks have a short timer and can also explode if you go close to them.
  4. Now, your goal is to attack the Fire Temple Boss’ eye. This is Marbled Gohma’s weak spot and is also the only way to kill him.
  5. First, you should try taking out the boss’ legs. With Yunobo on your side, use his Charged Attack to destroy Marbled Gohma’s legs.
  6. A few hits will do the trick and the Fire Temple boss will collapse on the floor.
  7. This is your chance to target Marbled Gohma’s eye. Climb its body and use any weapon of your choice to inflict damage on his eye.
  8. After a few hits, the TOTK Fire Temple Boss will throw you off and quickly jump toward the ceiling.

Phase 2 TOTK Fire Temple Boss

marbled gohma phase 2 boss totk

  1. In Phase 2 of the Fire Temple Boss fight, Marbled Gohma will stick its legs to the ceiling.
  2. Its attacks will remain the same as it throws explosive rocks at you from above.
  3. Keep dodging these rocks and try to shoot arrows at Marbled Gohma’s eye in the center of his body. You can slowly take a chunk of the boss’ HP in this way.
  4. Now, to beat Marbled Gohma in TOTK, direct Yunobo’s charged attack toward the creature’s legs on the ceiling.
  5. A few hits will send the Fire Temple boss crashing down on the floor. Quickly strike your weapon at Marbled Gohma’s eye to kill him.

That’s all you need to know on how to beat the Fire Temple Boss Marbled Gohma in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). We hope this boss fight guide helped you out. For more boss fight walkthroughs like this, head over to our Zelda TOTK section here.