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How To Beat Ruby Weil’s Broom Race Record In Hogwarts Legacy

Here is how you can beat the Broom Race Record of Ruby Weil in Hogwarts Legacy.

A question plaguing the minds of many players is if you can even Defeat Ruby in Hogwarts Legacy. She has the fastest Broom Race time that feels impossible to beat. And while it may not be impossible it definitely is going to be very difficult. But it is doable. So here are all the tips that will help you beat the Broom Race Record of Ruby Weil in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Beat Ruby Weil in Hogwarts Legacy

hogwrats legacy how to defeat ruby weil
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You will need to upgrade your Broom completely in order to defeat Ruby in Hogwarts Legacy. After you unlock the Broom Race you will come across a list of Students and their best broom Race time. There are 4 racers and the fastest time that you need to beat is 01:32:08. But it is easier said than done so here is how you can beat her:

  • Upgrade your Broom – This is the most important tip here because each broom upgrades increase your broom’s acceleration and speed. There are 3 of these upgrades that you need to get. It doesn’t matter which broom you use. But if you are going for the looks then Ember Dash is the best Broom here.
    • You can get your broom upgraded from Albie in the Spintwitches Sporting Needs shop at Hogsmeade.
  • Fly through all Yellow Bubbles – These bubbles are important to get a speed boost. But just flying through the yellow bubbles isn’t enough. In order to defeat her you also need to fly through them all. This will take you several tries, but you should manage to fly through them. A tip here would be to predict the path and align your broom accordingly. This will let you control it better.
  • Absolutely Do NOT Miss the Rings – While this goes without saying. This is the last challenge where you wanna miss any rings. You get a 3-second penalty for every ring you miss. And as difficult as this challenge is, missing a single ring is more than enough to spell defeat.

That covers this guide on how to Defeat Ruby Weil in Hogwarts Legacy. I suggest you also check out our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki. You can find guides here on topics like who is Omins Gaunt, how to open the lower hogsfield treasure vault, where to find hippogriffs, and more.