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How To Open The Lower Hogsfield Treasure Vault In Hogwarts Legacy

Here is the puzzle solution to open the Lower Hogsfield Treasure Vault.

In Hogwarts Legacy, many players are facing trouble opening the lower Hogsfield Treasure vault. This is one of the many hidden areas in the game, and it challenges the players with an interesting puzzle. But once you find its solution you’ll release how simple yet creative it was. So without further ado, here is how you can open the treasure vault in Lower Hogsfield in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Open The Lower Hogsfield Treasure Vault in Hogwarts Legacy

how to open the treasure vault in lower hogsfield in hogwarts legacy
Image Credit: WoW Quests on YouTube

You can open the Lower Hogsfield Treasure Vault by using the Cube in the same room. Do remember you at least need to have the spell Accio unlocked for it. This is needed to pull the Cube to you. Once you have the spell ready here is what you need to do:

  1. Equip Accio as one of your spells. This will make it readily available so that you can use it easily.
  2. Go South from Hogwarts Castle to the location shown on the map below.

    lower hogsfield treasure vault location in hogwarts legacy
    Image Credit: MapGenie
  3. Next, you need to cast Accio on the switch nearby to open the entrance to the Treasure Vault. A set of stairs will appear which you can use to go down.
  4. Keep going down and you will reach an empty room.
  5. If you cast Revelio here, you can find a Treasure Vault underground.
  6. Now, look top right to find a cube. Use Accio to pull it to yourself.
  7. Finally, move forward and take the cube with you to lower the floor. This will let you open the Chest.

That covers this guide on how to open the Treasure Vault in Lower Hogsfield. You should also check out our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki. Here you can find guides on topics like how to flip a Troll’s club & where to find Hippogriffs.