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How To Flip A Troll’s Club In Hogwarts Legacy (Flipendo)

Here is how you can flip a troll's club and use it on them in Hogwarts Legacy.

In Hogwarts Legacy, you should flip a troll’s club on them if they are giving you a hard time. Trolls are one of the many enemies in the game, but these can be particularly difficult to deal with at times. But using this technique you can chip away a lot of their health with just a single hit. So here is how you can flip a troll’s club in Hogwarts Legacy and complete the Dueling Feats challenge.

How to Flip a Troll’s Club in Hogwarts Legacy

how to flip a trolls club in hogwarts legacy
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You have to use Flipendo when the Troll smacks his club on the ground to flip it on them. The first time you do this you also complete one of the Dueling Feats challenges. The timing plays a key factor when trying to flip a Troll’s Club, so here is what you need to do:

  1. Equip Flipendo as one of your spells. This will make it readily available and easy to use.
  2. Fight with the Troll and wait for it to attack you with its club. This will be indicated by a red attack (which means it is unblockable).
  3. Dodge such attacks and wait for the Troll to smack their club on the ground.
  4. Now, use Flipendo and the Troll will hit itself with the club on its face.

This will not only stun it momentarily but also chip away around 20% to 25% of their health.

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How is Flipping a Troll’s Club useful

Flipping a troll’s club might not seem very useful at first but it can be pretty handy. One of its biggest uses is defeating a Troll and collecting its Bogeys. This is one of the many research ingredients that you might need during your playthrough. Another one of its use is in the Dark Arts Battle Arena. When you are fighting multiple opponents, it will help you deal a lot of damage to the troll. And you also stun it which allows you to temporarily deal with other enemies.

That covers this guide on how to flip a Troll’s Club in Hogwarts Legacy. Since you like playing this game, you might find our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki useful. We have several topics here like where to find Hippogriffs, how to climb the battlements, and more.