How To Kill Moloch In Outriders (Boss Fight Tips)

Check out our boss guide on how to defeat Moloch in Outriders.

The Moloch boss in Outriders is the third boss you will face in the Onslaught Mission. If you are looking for tips, tricks and strategies to defeat Moloch and want to know this Altered’s attack patterns to counter them, keep reading. Here’s everything you need to know to beat and kill Moloch.

How to Defeat Moloch Boss in Outriders

how to defeat moloch outriders

Before knowing how to beat the third boss, you need to know his attacks. There are five moves that you need to be wary of and all are fire related. What he will do is use Fireballs (Flame Barrage) that come right towards you and also create a Fire Tornado (Wandering Flame). Both of these attacks deal a lot of damage so you need to avoid them by dodging and constantly moving away from them. You really don’t want to get caught in his fire attacks because they will inflict serious burns. So, keep in mind that you have to interrupt the attacks of Moloch in Outriders whenever possible.

Apart from these, there’s also the Solar Blast which will also unleash some heavy duty solar energy at you. Remember to dodge this one as well.

Next up is Fire Dash which is the teleportation attack which is paired with some fire as well. After this attack is done, there will be remnants of it in the form of flames on the ground.

Then, there is the Immolation attack where a Fire Tornado is created and stays in one location. Again, you have to make sure you are not caught in it.

With these attacks understood, let’s move to the tips and tricks to defeat Moloch in Outriders.

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Tips to Beat this boss

moloch boss fight tips

The trick to keep in mind is to use an Assault Rifle or Sniper because that is how you can drain his health and eventually defeat him. Focus on his head as well as the head and body of the ‘body’ that this boss brings along.

Remember to stay away from him because he has teleportation powers and he can come right next to you so keep an eye out for that. Remember to move out of the way when you see blue rings forming on the ground. Don’t forget to keep restocking with the help of the crate present near the walls.

Apart from this, if you have Weapon and Skill Leech, it will help you out in this boss fight. Plus, check if you have a good build and proper mods that will make you powerful. In case you are constantly losing this boss fight, you can try lowering your World Tier which will give you a better chance at winning. It will also lower the quality of the drops you get, though.

That’s all about how to beat Moloch in Outriders. Use a combination of all the aforementioned tips and you will take down this enemy pretty easily. If you want to know more about other bosses and how to kill them, our guides on: