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Outriders Weapon & Skill Leech Explained: How To Get & Use

This article explains the Weapon & Skill Leech uses and ways to increase them.

Outriders is our latest addition to the gaming world and we are pretty sure to every gamer’s gaming library too, given the worldwide success of the game. This co-op 3rd person RPG shooter has experimented with numerous new concepts in the game and that too successfully. While these amazing concepts are something that can make you adapt to a whole new kind of gameplay, understanding them and using them at the right time can make you a pro. In this guide, we have explained Weapon Leech and Skill Leech stats in Outriders. Additionally, you will find various ways to increase and use it as well.

What is Weapon & Skill Leech in Outriders?


Weapon and skill leech

In Outriders, leech is a passive bonus attribute that can be seen on the stats tab of your Inventory. What it essentially does is heals you during combat. It can prove to be exceptionally useful for classes that heal by kills as the range of attack does not matter here. This is because they require to be in heavy density fights to heal and when the boss fights occur, they may not have any other way to heal except the boss. Leeching can be broken down into Weapon Leech & Skill Leech.

What is Weapon Leech?


Just as a leech works, a Weapon leech is an attribute that will suck the health out of your enemy depending on how much damage your weapon deals with. Specifically for weapons, your character will regain a percentage of health based on the successful hits from their weapon. For instance, If your weapon leech is on 20% and it causes 100 damage, your character’s health will go up by 20 health points.

What is Skill Leech?

Skill Leech works on the same mechanism except here, the determinants of your health recovery are Anomaly or Status damage i.e Burn, Bleed, Toxic attacks to your enemy. These include damages from melee attacks and damaging skills. Say your Class skills damages are 100 and your Skill Leech is at a 10% rate, then you will gain 10 health points immediately.


How to Increase Skill Leech & Weapon Leech?

Increase Weapon & Skill leech

Now while your Weapon and Skill leech stats keep on increasing as your character progresses and upgrades in the game, there are specific ways to do it. Technomancer by default has leech attributes while others might have to build it up.

Firstly, you need to equip gear and armor that provided Leech stats. You can see it in the stats when you highlight the gear. Keep in mind that you need to equip that weapon to use that attribute not just acquire them. You will not get the Leech benefit if you have that gear but it isn’t equipped.


The second way is to spend your Class points on the Skill Tree in such a way that it gives you perks that increase Weapon Leech or Skill Leech. These are a number of nodes within the three trees that increase the Leech Percentages.

So that is all on what is Weapon & Skill Leech stats in Outriders and how to increase and use it. If you are curious and want to know how the game ends, check out our article on What Happens During The End Of Outriders.