What Happens During The End Of Outriders? Check Here To Know The End

Do you wish to understand what happens at the end of Outriders? Make sure to check it out right here

Have you just completed Outriders and are yet confused about the conclusion of this intergalactic fight to save humanity? We’ll you’re not alone in this, a few players have been curious to know what happens at the end of Outriders even before finishing the game or quite right just did not understand the story if you’re either one of them, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Outriders Ending Explained

The entire story of Outriders tells the tale of two ships being sent from Earth to save the last of humanity and while it is to be believed that one of the massive colony ship named the Caravel did not survive the journey and crash-landed back on Earth, the Flores had an 83-year journey to get to Enoch. While once on Enoch, players discover a strange anomaly and storm that starts to disrupt the colonization plans of the ECA and gives people special powers while infecting others.

outriders ending explained

The main character of the game is one such person who gets infected and gets sent to Cryo sleep for another 30 years to save his life while the rest of the human population on Earth, fight among themselves to find the source of a strange signal.

outriders ending explained

As the game progresses and we come to the end, we discover that the Caravel has landed on Enoch much before the Flores could. This is explained by Monroy, one of the passengers who were on the second ship, he explained that the people left stranded on Earth came up with a new engine that could help them travel faster than the Flores could.

Since the Caravel reached sooner, they discovered the Pax, an alien life form that had altered abilities. In an effort to study them and enslave them, the Pax and the humans started a bloody war that lasted decades and endangered the Flores’ mission as well.

Outriders ending explained

Once Monroy has been taken out, players are tasked with defeating Yagak, one of the strongest Pax being, while the rest of the crew including Dr. Zahedi can send out a signal to notify the crew of the Flores to send out the Pods, and make this their new home. The players will have to defeat Yagak in a two-phase fight and defeat his minions as well.

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While racing against time and with the Pax attacking them, the team hurries to send the signal out before a large explosion destroys the Caravel.

Outriders ending explained

As the group lies in the desert watching the aftermath of the explosion, they get to see pods flying out from the Flores and landing on Enoch, at the same time they’re greeted with a group of colonists who have been following the Outriders to fulfill their mission and colonize Enoch.

For those who are wondering there’s no alternate ending to Outriders as it is with so many other games and there will certainly be more story to follow with additional updates and DLCs. This is all there is to know about the ending in Outriders, if you wish to know more about the game, you can check out all Outriders Wiki right here on Gamer Tweak.