How To Beat Lady Carina In Arcane Odyssey Roblox

Want all her drop rewards? Check out our guide on how to beat Lady Carina in Arcane Odyssey.

While Arcane Odyssey is a fun Roblox game, it also features several challenging bosses and enemies. Lady Carina is one of the bosses that can be a bit more challenging boss than you have ever faced. It’s mainly because of her regenerative abilities and melee combos. But if you are looking for her reward drops, you will have to defeat her. Not to worry, as with some tips and tricks, you can defeat this boss in no time. So, check out our boss guide on how to beat Lady Carina in Arcane Odyssey.

How to Beat Lady Carina in Arcane Odyssey

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You can find the Lady Carina located at the Shining Plains with a 2500 Health. In total, there are two phases to the Lady Carina boss fight. Similar to other bosses, she will use different moves and attacks for both phases.

Here are some variety of attacks you should keep an eye on while fighting Lady Carina in Arcane Odyssey:

  • Dash and Crash
  • Tornado Kicks
  • Grapples & Combos (Only if you are within melee reach)
  • Slam Combo Attacks
  • Regeneration (At the rate of 7 per second)

As this boss fight can be fast-paced, we advise players to maintain a safe distance. If Lady Carina lands an attack, it can deal heavy damage. So, try to use blasts from a great distance. You can rely on ranged attacks for both phases. Also, if you try dealing melee damage, there is a chance that she can parry or dodge these attacks. When she uses kicks or slam combo attacks, we suggest players get out of her way.

But the problem arises during the second phase when Lady Carina starts dashing around. To counterattack this, you can use quick ranged weapons to damage her. You can also use the attacks such as Metal Blast to deal more damage. Alternatively, if you are unable to defeat this boss, we recommend players invite a player. This can distract Lady Carina who won’t be able to fight both players at once.

Note to keep an eye on the terrain damage. If you get stuck, Lady Carina can slam and use grappling combos.

Lady Carina Drops

Once you have defeated Lady Carina, she can drop the Raveena Apostle set. But the chance of getting any of the item drops is 1/7 totaling the chance for a specific one to 2.8%. So, here are the following rewards that can be dropped by Lady Carina:

  • Raveena Apostle Gi
  • Raveena Apostle Leggings
  • Raveena Apostle Bracelets
  • Raveena Apostle Faulds
  • Raveena Apostle Pauldrons

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