How To Beat Kraven The Hunter In Spider-Man 2

Here are Kraven’s moveset and some tips and tricks on how you can defeat him in Marvel’s Spiderman 2.

Kraven is quite a formidable boss that you will encounter in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but one that you’ll need to beat to progress the story. You fight him during the Anything Can Be Broken mission. He has two phases and the fight gets progressively harder in each of them.

His attacks consist of both up-close melee and long-ranged projectiles. To make things more complicated he can even summon his pets to fight you. However, if you use the following tricks you shouldn’t have much of a trouble in the fight. So here is how you can easily beat him.

How to Defeat Kraven in Spider-Man 2

Tips And Tricks To Beat Kraven In Spiderman 2
Image Credits: Release-Fire on YouTube

As mentioned above Kraven’s fight has two phases. Taking him down will require you to patiently chip away his health by attacking how you would fight usual foes. The trickiest part is his attacks are very strong and can eliminate you in just a few hits. So here are all of his moves that you need to be aware of in both phases:

Phase 1

  • Charge attack: Kraven will charge at you in an attempt to hit you with a lariat. Dodge out of the way to not get hit by it.
  • Melee attacks: He will try to hit you with a combo of punches and a kick. You can dodge away and attack between his moves to interrupt the combo.
  • Smoke bomb: Kraven will use a smoke bomb to get away from you and create some distance. He can also throw things like his axe at you when you are stunned.
  • EMP Mines: He will throw EMP mines that will flash yellow a few times then turn red and get struck by lightning. Make sure to get away from them by going in the opposite direction as fast as you spot them.

Once you deplete his HP the first time a cutscene will play where Kraven will use a Bell to immobilize Peter Venom.

Phase 2

How To Beat Kraven The Hunter In Spider-Man 2
Image Credits: Release-Fire on YouTube

Most of the attacks in Phase 2 will be the same as the first phase with the additions of some new moves. Make sure to pay attention to the bell because once it starts ringing you become vulnerable. Use your web shooters to keep them in place.

  • Invisibility: Kraven now becomes invisible and a lot faster in the second phase. You can spot a transparent silhouette to pinpoint his location. Dodge his attack and unleash your own moves when he reveals himself.
  • Axe throw: He will swing around and launch his axe at you.
  • Axe melee strikes: He will use his axe to slash you.
  • Summon Dogs: Kraven will summon two dogs to attack you. They can be easily dealt with.
  • Sniping: Kraven will climb up a tree and shoot you from a safe distance. You can dodge these bullets before they are about to hit you or use trees for cover and make your way to attack him.

Tips to Beat Kraven the Hunter Faster

  • Use Finishers: Finishers deal a lot of damage so fill up your focus bars fast and use Finishers to chip away chunks of Kraven’s HP.
  • Use Perfect Parry: Perfectly parrying Kraven’s melee attacks will let you hit him better as you can use the distance created to launch yourself at him and unleash a combo.
  • Pay attention to the Bell: During the second phase, the bell can be the deciding factor in winning or losing the fight. So make sure to use your web shooters on it regularly to keep it at bay.
  • Look for white lines during Invisibility: Kraven doesn’t go completely invisible. When he approaches to attack you there will be flashes of white lines showing where he is approaching from. Use that to dodge his attacks.

That’s all about how you can beat Kraven the Hunter in Spider-Man 2. While you are here also check out our guides on how to get Hero Tokens, get Tech Parts, and if you can disable gliding rings. As for other help on similar topics visit our Marvel’s Spiderman 2 section.