How To Get Hero Tokens In Spider-Man 2

In need of some more Hero Tokens in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? Here are a few ways to farm them.

If you are looking to unlock new suits or some abilities then you need to get yourself some Hero Tokens in Spider-Man 2. These are rare resources that are introduced to the series from this game. Sure you may be able to complete the game without going out of your way to collect them. However, you may end up reaching the final fights quite weak, since due to insufficient tokens you will miss out on some necessary upgrades. So if you feel like that is something you don’t want to happen, here is how you can farm these tokens in this game.

How to Farm Hero Tokens in Marvel’s Spiderman 2

How To Get Hero Tokens In Spider-Man 2

You can get Hero Tokens by progressing the main story and doing certain side missions. These side activities include clearing:

  • Flame Missions
  • Hunter Bases
  • Cultural Museum Missions
  • Mysterium Dev Diaries
  • Symbiote Nests

These tasks are simple activities like eliminating Kraven’s men in Hunter Bases or doing Mysterio’s time-limited challenges. Depending on how fast you are, these side activities shouldn’t take too long to complete and can reward you with some easy Hero Tokens.

How to Use Hero Tokens

As mentioned above, Hero Tokens can be used to get new suits or their Tech upgrades. Some of these upgrades include:

  • Ultimate Damage 2: Do 15% additional damage while your base damage becomes 170%.
    • Upgrade Cost:
      • 225x Tech Parts
      • 18x Hero Tokens
  • Ultimate Swing: Max out your swing speed.
    • Upgrade Cost:
      • 240x Tech Parts
      • 10x Hero Tokens
  • Ultimate Health 1: Increase your health by 20 and your maximum HP becomes 170.
    • Upgrade Cost:
      • 230x Tech Parts
      • 8x Hero Tokens

That’s all on how you can get and use Hero Tokens in Spider-Man 2. While you are here be sure to also check our guides on all map locations, how to switch characters, and how to parry. Also, check out our Spiderman 2 section to get help on other topics not mentioned here.