Tears Of The Kingdom Flux Construct 2 Boss Fight Guide

Is Flux Construct II not getting out of your way in Tears of the Kingdom? Then, let us tell you where you have to hit the enemy hard.

It’s not just you, many players out there are trying to beat the Flux Construct 2 in Zelda TotK. But let us tell you, you can’t win the fight by only relying on your stealth and abilities. Instead of that, you’ll have to use some tricks and target the weaknesses of such construct enemies. If you’re not sure what are those weak points then that’s where we come in. So let’s not wait any further and see how you can defeat the Flux Construct 2 boss in Tears of the Kingdom.

How Can I Defeat Flux Construct 2 in Zelda TotK?

flux construst II weakness core cube
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The key to defeating Flux Construct 2 is destroying its core cube in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK). This core cube is usually located on the shoulder of this Construct and can be identified by its greenish-blue glow. But do note, the location of the core will keep changing as the enemy changes its shape. And to tackle this issue, scroll down to check out the entire walkthrough of the Flux Construct II boss fight.

First Phase Humanoid Shape Flux Construct II Boss Fight
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First Phase – Humanoid Shape

In the first phase, the construct will appear in a Humanoid Shape, where it’ll be able to walk and do various attacks. Such as Dash & Smash, and will also try to Stomp you if you get near it. So here you have to keep your distance and fire arrows at its core located on the construct’s shoulder. If you’re not getting a clear view, then use your Ultrahand and remove 1 cube from both of its hands & legs. Doing this will restrict the construct from attacking you for a while, allowing you to climb the structure. If that’s not working for you, then try getting beneath the enemy and using the Ascend ability to get on top of it. Once done, start applying melee attacks to the construct’s greenish-blue core cube.

Second Phase Flying Platform How Can I Defeat Flux Construct 2 in Zelda TotK
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Second Phase – Flying Platform

After the first phase, it’ll change its shape and become a flying platform. Where it sends some cubes down to deal with you. In this situation, you’ll have to get near the cubes as soon as they land on the ground. After that, use your Recall ability on the cube, and hop on it. Once done, activate the ability and it’ll take you to the top of the flying platform. And when you reach there, start striking the Flux Construct 2 core cube to beat it again in TotK. And that brings us to the final shape.

Third Phase - Large Cube beat Flux Construct 2 core in tears of the kingdom
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Third Phase – Large Cube

And in the last phase, it turns into a huge rolling cube. That will keep following you until it knocks you down. But on one of the sides of the cube, you’ll find the Flux Construct II core that you have to target. Here you can use your Ultrahand ability to break the structure into pieces. Or else you can use your Bow & arrow to stun and defeat the boss.

If you don’t manage to defeat the boss in these first 3 phases, it’ll repeat the same shapes again. So make sure you bring the best Weapon you have to get done with this boss fight as quickly as possible.

That’s everything you need to know about how you can beat Flux Construct 2 in TotK. If the charges the enemy dropped are not enough for you, then check out how to get more Zonai Charges in the game. Also, take a look at the ways to farm Diamonds & Rupees in Tears of the Kingdom.

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