Final Fantasy 16: How To Beat Eikon Of Fire, Ifrit (Boss Guide)

Final Fantasy 16 has a plethora of amazing fights and this guide will show you how to beat Eikon of Fire.

Eikon of Fire in Final Fantasy 16 is one of the refreshing boss fights that involve a lot of dodging and firepower. Although it’s not quite that difficult, it should get easier for you with this guide. The battle between the Eikon of Fire and the Phoenix is quite surreal and one to watch in FF16. The game has changed the system of summoning Eikons and so players might not be up to speed with this fight. Since the fight with Eikon is one of the campaign missions Flight of the Fledgling, players will have to complete it anyhow.

How to Defeat Eikon of Fire in Final Fantasy 16

Eikon of Fire Boss Fight Phoenix Controls

While near the Phoenix Gate, Grand Duchy of Rosaria region, players will first fight the Knight of the Blinding Dawn as Clive. Once that fight is done, players will get a cutscene where Joshua along with his father will be betrayed, turning Joshua into the Phoenix. Soon after, the Eikon of Fire will rise and the boss fight will begin in Final Fantasy 16. Although the movement will be automatic, players will have to focus on aiming at the boss while also dodging his attacks.

Here are the controls that players will need during the Eikon of Fire boss fights in FF16:

  • L-Stick – Aim
  • Triangle – Fire
  • R1 – Dodge

FF16 Eikon of Fire Boss Fight Phase 1

Beat Eikon of Fire in FF16

Phase 1 starts with Eikon and the Phoenix falling down through a narrow path. The Eikon of Fire is quite agile and players can watch him jump from side to side. In the meanwhile, players need to spam the attack button. As you use the L-Stick to aim, it will expand once you are close to the enemy and at this point, you need to spam the Triangle button to attack. There will be moments where the players will have to dodge his attacks but if they get the timing right, they won’t get any damage. The important part of this Phase 1 fight with Eikon of Fire in Final Fantasy 16 is the attack spamming as players must reduce the health as much as they can.

FF16 Eikon of Fire Boss Fight Phase 2

FF16 Eikon of Fire Boss Fight Phase 2

While the first phase of the fight was in the narrow path, the second phase takes place over a larger cavern. As evident once more, the enemy is quite agile and you will be able to see that from the way they move. Having said that, your strategy of spamming as many attacks as you can should stay the same. Over the course of this Final Fantasy 16 boss fight, players will come across moments of Cinematic Strikes & Evasions and if they press Square timely, it will drain a heavy chunk of the health of the Eikon of Fire.

As you keep attacking and dodging, you will end up reducing the health of the Eikon of Fire forcing it to pull out one last ultimate move. Although it will defeat the Phoenix momentarily, the Flames of Rebirth will bring him back in order to beat the Eikon of Fire in Final Fantasy 16.

Once the players defeat the Eikon of Fire, they will get the 50 EXP reward but it seems that Joshua and the Phoenix have vanished and the only thing that remains is the extinguished Eikon of Fire. Since you are playing Final Fantasy 16, check out how to beat Morbol, beat Shiva’s Dominant, and other guides in our dedicated section here at Gamer Tweak.