Final Fantasy 16: How To Beat Shiva’s Dominant

Want to take down the Eikon of Ice's dominant in FFXVI? Here's how you can beat Shiva's Dominant in Final Fantasy 16.

Once you have revisited the past, FFXVI doesn’t waste any time pitting Clive Rosfield and the elite squad against an Eikon’s Dominant. Due to Shiva’s recent battle with Titan, she cannot prime or summon her Eikon. Taking advantage of this situation, the squad attempt to take down the dominant in her human form. But to their surprise, they are challenged by the icy moveset and powers of Shiva’s Dominant in FF16. Don’t worry, our guide has got you covered with the best strategies and tips to defeat this Dominant. So, check out our guide on how to beat Shiva’s Dominant in Final Fantasy 16.

How to Beat Shiva’s Dominant in Final Fantasy 16

final fantasy 16 beat shiva's dominant
Image Source – FP Good Game on YouTube.

While Shiva does not prime into an Eikon, she puts a helluva fight even in a weaker form. With only a sword, she stands out as an equal opponent against Clive Rosfield and his elite squad.

But don’t worry, here’s how you can beat both phases of Shiva’s dominant in Final Fantasy 16:

Phase One

final fantasy 16 beat shiva's dominant

As soon as the fight starts, Shiva says “Let this be end“. But rather than engaging in a close-range fight immediately, she will use ranged attacks against you. When you try to close the distance, she will use the element of Ice to freeze you.

We recommend to be steer clear of the Ironblood Crusaders as they won’t target you. But to kill Shiva’s Dominant, here are the attack patterns, moves, and their counters to note:

  • When Shiva’s dominant raises her arm, she can summon large blocks of Ice dealing AoE damage. You can counter this attack by moving out of the way as soon as the ground freezes with Ice.
  • She can shoot ice crystal projectiles in your way. Since it takes her a bit of time to charge this attack, you can easily dodge this attack.
  • Be cautious when she starts floating in the air as she can lunge attack any moment. This attack is the fastest in her moveset. To counter this, you can dodge sideways or use Precision Dodge.
  • We suggest using Eikonic Strikes and Punishment to stagger Shiva’s Dominant. Once she is down, spam as many combos and magic bursts for maximum Stagger damage.

Phase Two

final fantasy 16 beat shiva's dominant

Once you have depleted half of her Health bar, Shiva’s Dominant will use Blizzaga to summon larger ice blocks. During this phase, all her moves and attacks will be quicker and more lethal. Like the first phase, the goal here is to look for an opening and stagger her down.

Here are the attack patterns, moves, and their counters for the second phase to note down:

  • When Shiva’s Dominant uses Blizzaga, she can cover almost the entire arena by summoning icy blocks around it. Before she uses this move, you can see the underneath ground with big patches of ice.
  • So, move to areas that are not covered with ice for the counter-attack.
  • Once she has executed the attack, close the distance and deal an Ability chain instantly.
  • We recommend using more Precision Dodges and counters during this phase. You can also Parry her attacks to slow down time and gain an edge over the Dominant.
  • To stagger the dominant down, you can use Phoenix Shift and Scarlet Cyclone.
  • When the dominant is charging her attacks, avoid fighting her head-on. But after she executes the attack, strike her with your best abilities and combos.

Shiva’s Dominant Rewards

Once you have taken down Shiva’s Dominant in FF16, here are the following rewards you can earn:

  • 48 Experience
  • 200 Gil
  • 10 Steelsilk
  • 2 Frozen Tears
  • 4 Potions
  • 3 High Potions

That’s all about how to beat Shiva’s Dominant in Final Fantasy 16. If you liked this guide, check out our guides to find out how to get and use ability points, how to fast travel, and more Final Fantasy XVI Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.