Baldur’s Gate 3 Miri Finding Guide – How To Complete Rescue The Trapped Man Quest

Find Miri's location and easily complete rescue the trapped man quest.

Rescue the trapped man is one of the quests you will have to complete in Act 1. The location of the quest is at The Risen Road. During the quest, you will come across a trapped man whose village was attacked by goblin raiders. He will be looking for his loved one Miri. You need to find Miri to complete rescue the trapped man quest.

This guide is a walkthrough of rescue the trapped man quest. You will find everything about the quest here, right from finding Miri’s location to rescuing the trapped man.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Rescue the Trapped Man Walkthrough

After accessing the quest, head to the Waukeen’s Rest. You will find a man under a beam. Guide the man to safety as the description in the quest says. Once unrestrained the man will start shouting the name of her loved one, Miri. Now you will have the option to either help him find Miri or tell him point blanc that she must be dead. This is like one of the many choices you will have to make in the game. If you want to complete rescue the trapped man quest, you will have to choose to help him find Miri.

rescue the trapped man quest location in Baldur's Gate 3

Next, begin your hunt for finding Miri. The quest description gives a little about Miri that shoe would have brown hair and will be wearing a green-colored blouse.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Where to Find Miri’s Location

Miri will be in the bottom left building of the burning inn, on the second floor. Find your way through the window into the room. Unfortunately, she will be dead. You will have to cast the Speak with Dead spell to interact with her and get to know what happened.

find miri's location in baldur's gate 3

She will ask you to collect a ring from her sister’s dowry chest, which is located in the barn. Head to the barn and collect the ring.

Now, since you know that Miri is dead, you need to convince the trapped man for the same. You might have to even throw Miri’s body right in front of the man to make him believe what you are saying. This will complete rescue the trapped man quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Now you know where to find Miri’s location to complete rescue the trapped man quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. All that’s left is to head to Waukeen’s Rest and get some Exp points as a reward for completing the quest. Seeing how complicated these quests can be, you might want to read some of our other quest guides such as how to solve the Enclave Library puzzle, how to rescue the Gnome, and how to save the girl in Pod in Baldur’s Gate 3.