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How To Save The Girl In Pod In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Wondering if you can save the girl in the pod in Baldur's Gate 3? Find out if it is possible to rescue the woman from the Mind Flayer's pod in the game.

How to save the girl in the pod in Baldur’s Gate 3? This question has been on the minds of almost everyone playing the prologue. Can you rescue the woman who is trapped in the mind flayer pod? Since you choices have consequences in this game, you need to know if you can actually save her or not? Find out in this guide.


Baldur’s Gate 3: Can You Save Girl In Pod?


The answer to your question is no, you cannot save her. Even though she will ask to get her out of that thing, you won’t be able to actually do it at that time. You can do an arcane check by interacting with the pod and if you are successful, you will be told that you must destroy warding runes to set the girl free. But there aren’t any warding runes on the ship. In case they are revealed in the future, we will update this guide for sure.

You can also look for a latch or disrupt the bright lines. But both are going to be unsuccessful attempts and the woman will stay trapped. So, from the looks of it, there seems to be no way to save the girl in the Mind Flayer’s pod. That’s probably because the story is set to be that way because she will arrive again further ahead. That doesn’t mean you should not even attempt to save her though because that will affect the story (and her response towards you) as well. Hence, remember to interact with the pod and try to rescue the woman.

Who is the Woman in the Mind Flayer’s Pod?

She is Shadowheart. Check out our Baldur’s Gate III Shadowheart wiki guide to know her character sheet, starting equipment, how to romance her and more. When you leave Nautiloid and go to the beach, you will meet her again.


That’s what you need to know about how to save the girl in the pod in Baldur’s Gate 3. Don’t miss our other helpful guides about this game like how to take a short and long rest, level up characters, help downed characters, jump and more.