Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Revive Downed Characters (3 Ways)

You can resurrect fallen teammates in BG3 through multiple ways. Here's how to revive and help downed characters in Baldur's Gate 3.

When one of your party members dies, you need to know how to help the downed character and revive them in Baldur’s Gate 3. There are multiple ways to resurrect an ally and bring them back to life to continue your adventure and one of them involves rolling saving throws. Here’s how to heal teammates in BG3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Death Saving Throws to Resurrect Character

When your character is downed (loses all their HP), they will fall to the ground (a skull icon will appear over them) but they aren’t dead at this point. After this, the Death Saving Throws mechanic comes into the picture. Basically, when a character’s HP comes to zero, they need to roll a die to stay alive and they can roll a die each turn. Each roll can either be a successful one or a failure.

  • When you get 3 successful rolls, your character is stabilized. But they still need an ally to use the Help action on them.
  • When you get 3 failures, the character dies.
  • If the die rolls a 10 or below, it’s a death counter, and a number above 10 gives them a chance to be stabilized. (Note: it’s a 20-sided die)

How to Revive Companion/Teammate in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

Using Healing Spells or the Scroll of Revivify

  • If a character’s allies heal them by using Healing Spells or using the Scroll of Revivify, they can be saved. Check the process below.

Using the Help Action

  • Teammates can also be saved if someone uses the Help action on them during Death Saving Throws. This Help action can be found in the Hotbar and you need to be near the downed character to be able to do so. As you’ll see when you hover on the icon – it can help a target up, remove Prone, Downed, Sleep, Enwebbed, and Ensnared.

Here’s a video that shows the process:

Get Help from the Skeleton

  • Aside from these methods, there’s one more way to revive characters and that’s with the help of a Skeleton. First, complete the Overgrown Ruins quest where you free the skeleton, and post that, he will be found in the Camp. Whenever an ally needs reviving, go back to the camp via Fast Travel and talk to the skeleton who will revive them for some Gold. When you do this, your ally will appear at the camp, fully healed and alive.

And that was how to heal, help and revive downed characters in Baldur’s Gate 3. With that out of the way, be sure to find out how to disarm traps in BG3 as well.