How To Open Overgrown Ruins Door In Baldur’s Gate 3

If you can't wait to Investigate the Ruins in BG3, but the Overgrown Ruins door doesn't seem to budge, then here's how you can open it.

In BG3, the Investigate the Ruins quest will ask you to open the Overgrown Ruins door & enter the area. Doing so will not only reveal new features of the game but also allow you to progress in the story. However, the ancient door to access this area is quite tough to unlock, which makes the player wonder if there’s any other way. If you also tried to open the door but had no luck with it, then we’re here to help. For your reference, below we have mentioned all the possible ways to enter the Overgrown Ruins easily in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Open & Enter Overgrown Ruins Door in BG3

How To Open Overgrown Ruins Door In Baldur's Gate 3 bg3 main entrance all ways to enter investigate the ruins
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The primary way to open the Overgrown Ruins door & enter the area in BG3 is by lockpicking the ancient door (X:285 Y:304). To do so, you’ll need the Thieves Tools that you can give to a character with High Dexterity along with Sleight of Hand. And according to us, Astarion the Rouge Elf will fit perfectly for this job. With or without Astarion, the player will need to roll a Difficulty of 20 (D20), and then only the door will be unlocked. If you somehow failed to roll the required difficulty, then don’t worry below are some other ways that you can try.

Other Overgrown Ruins Entrances in Baldur’s Gate 3

Here are 2 other ways to open the Overgrown Ruins door & enter the area in BG3. So let’s begin with the easiest yet dangerous entrance.

Other Overgrown Ruins Entrances in Baldur’s Gate 3 bg3 ancient door how to enter and open
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Entrance 2

  1. The other way to get into the Overgrown Ruins is by going to the Chapel Entrance (X:285 Y:313) located above the ancient door.
  2. To get there players can make their way through the Roadside Cliffs and move towards the eastern side of the map.
  3. After reaching and entering the Chapel Entrance you’ll see some bandits arguing and a hanging Foundation Block.
  4. Here you can approach the Bandits with Intimidation, Persuasion or simply fight them.
  5. Once they’re dealt with, fire at the Coiled Rope, which will drop the Foundation Block and make a huge hole in the ground.
  6. Now, simply enter the hole with your party and you’ll find yourself in a part of Overgrown Ruins. Don’t forget, there’ll be tons of traps and enemies waiting to knock you down.

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Entrance 3

While you are at the Chapel Entrance, simply walk towards the Door at X:285 Y:371 and try to pass a skill check. Here you can use the Performance or Deception check to enter the Overgrown Ruins right away. But just like the ancient main door, this door also has a Difficulty of 20 (D20), which can be quite tricky to roll. However, if you manage to get in, then it’ll surely save you a lot of hassle.

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That covers every entrance to open the ancient door and enter the Overgrown Ruins in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3). If you are running low on Gold, then check out the best ways to farm Gold quickly. Also, take a look at the BG3 Hidden Steam Achievements & Trophies you can unlock in the game.